Kentucky, Davis and New Orleans



Anthony Davis Billboard at the Super Dome in New Orleans

Anthony Davis Billboard at the Super Dome in New Orleans


Kentucky is making an all out push this year on behalf of Anthony Davis and the NPOTY Campaign.  As well they should.  The guy is deserving of the award.  He’s the best player on the best team in the Nation.

It should not be counted against him that he is surrounded by talent.  If he was not, he would be more dominant in my opinion.  I think the talent that surrounds him stops him from showing the depth of his talent and ability.  If he had to be the center of the offense, the kid would be putting up huge numbers.  As it is, he merely has to play his part and he does this well.  A lesser person would demand the ball more.  A lesser talent would demand the ball.  AD doesn’t do this.  He plays to his strengths and has improved all throughout the year.  He is integral to the game plan at UK.  He is often the center of focus for the attack of other teams.  They’ve attempted to bully him, beat him and hurt him.  He has come back each time admirably.  Each new tactic to take him out of the game has resulted in AD adapting and overcoming.  The kid is legit.


If AD is not player of the year then a player of the year does not exist in College Basketball.



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