Iran and Another OIL WAR

It would seem that war with Iran may be inevitable.  The Political Leaders of the World and the UN seem to want it.  Why is America enmeshed in this oil war?  We do not purchase oil from Iran.  We have nothing to gain from a conflict with Iran and much to lose.  If we do join in a physical conflict with Iran, in no way should we bear the cost of such a war.  Nor should we put forth the manpower or primary land forces for an invasion.  I would have no problem with supporting other nations with Air Power.  That said, the powers that desire this war should use their political and diplomatic capital to bring about hostilities.  Iran is not America’s War.  It’s is Saudi Arabia’s War.  It is Israel’s War.  We have nothing to gain from a War with Iran.  Not in the political climes of this age.

The Saudis should be forced to take the lead here.  The Saudis should take the lead in the Middle East on this issue.  The only way that we should declare war in Iran is if Saudi Arabia declares War jointly with Israel.  Japan, France, China, India and Italy should be compelled to commit first.  The US should commit no land Forces except Seals and SF.  Saudi Arabia should be required to commit all of their forces to the conflict, if it comes, as a prerequisite for support in the conflict.  Their land forces should be front line.  No bullshit support role.  Furthermore, Saudi Arabia should request that Israel take part in the Land War and operate jointly with the Israelis against Iran.

There is no way that we should defend Saudi oil profits while the Saudi men sit back and talk Islamic shit over Chai and Sheesha.  Likewise, there is no way that we should defend Israel while Israeli military men sit in Tel Aviv and Haifa clubs or sun themselves on Mediterranean beaches.  Iran is a major source of oil for France, India, China and Japan.  If they wish to keep purchasing this oil for their economies, they should pay the price for it’s continued resourcing.

Saudi Arabia should be required to obtain the consent of the remaining OPEC Nations.  Each OPEC Nation should be required to commit land forces as well.

The OPEC Nations should pay the total bill of the conflict.  They can obtain reparations from Iran once the conflict is over.

Re-building Iran, if necessary, should be the responsibility of Saudi Arabia and the remaining Islamic OPEC Nations.

America has shed enough blood and spent enough treasure to line the pockets of the tyrants and Islamic hypocrites of Saudi Arabia.

If the world wants war with Iran, let them make war with Iran.  Iran is not vital to our National Security.  The Straits of Hormuz are not vital to our National Interests.  We could survive without oil from that region.  Iran is of national importance to the security of China, India, Italy and Japan and a few other Nations.  Iran is a threat to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Israel.

Those are the Nations that should be taking the lead in the deliberations with Iran.

America should back off.  If those Nations request our assistance, we can decide to help or to stay away from the mess.  In this matter, America does not need to take the lead.  The Nations that depend on Iranian oil and those nations which are threatened by Iran (Saudi Arabia and Israel) should take the lead in diplomacy and, if it comes, in conflict.  If the Saudis are too cowardly to be outspoken in their opposition to Iranian Imperialistic Revolution, America should not cover their collective asses in this fabricated “crisis.”

I have stated before and I’ll state it again.  Iran can have the bomb if they desire it.  The whole of the Middle East can have the bomb if they so desire.  It should be made clear to them, however, that if one Nuclear explosion occurs, there will be massive retaliation.  MASSIVE RETALIATION.

I can see why Iran would want a bomb.  The Mad Mullahs have every reason to fear the United States and the West.  We have acted as stooges for Saudi Arabia for far too long.  We have acted out in aggression against the Middle East often.  We have meddled in Middle Eastern affairs too often.  Iran has every reason to fear our meddling interference in their affairs.  If I were one of the Mad Madhis, I’d want the bomb.  In the end, though, they would not dare use it.  Even if we invaded.  They’d have maybe 10-20 bombs over the course of the next decade.  The United States has hundreds of such bombs as well as the delivery systems to hit every Iranian city of note.

The West should back off.  We should take a conciliatory line.  We should open ourselves to Iran and it’s people.  On the other side, we should allow Israel to strike against Iran in Lebanon if they feel threatened by Iranian Imperialism in that Nation.  Iran has been meddling in Lebanon and Syria for decades.  They are no babe in the woods.  Hezbollah is their tool of empire.  If Hezbollah continues to strike out at Israel, the world should remain quiet if Israel goes in with massive retaliation.

Iran can not complain about an act and then take part in it.  That is as hypocritical as their complaints about Palestine.  The world should stay out of the Palestinian conflict.  If it is ok to meddle in Palestine/Israel, then, it is ok to meddle in Iran and elsewhere.  The Western Liberal critics of intervention can not have it both ways.

Palestinian Nationhood is a joke.  There never was a Palestine in History.  Had the Arabs won in 1948, 1956, 1967 or 1973, there would never have been a thought of a Palestine.  Only Arab military incompetence made Palestinian Nationhood possible.  The Arab countries would have divided the land which is now Israel and the so-called Occupied Territories.  Palestine would not have been created and those peoples would be worse off than they are now.

The West should stop meddling in the Middle East period.  We should halt all aid to any country that is non-democratic.  If they wish to be Islamic Despotisms, let them have at it.  If they wish to be Democracies, let us aid them.  That said, the Aid should go to the people.  The Aid should not be filtered through the Governments.  If the Governments continue to demand their cut, let us cut them off entirely.

Cut the strings by which Saudi Arabia and their OPEC brethren have been puppeteering in the West.  Rid us of our oil addiction.  Halt aid to corrupt governments in the Middle East and elsewhere.  If these countries wish to join the modern world, let them prove it by taking on modern governance and freeing their people.  If not, we should have nothing to do with them.

No more oil wars.  No war in Iran.  No more meddling.


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One comment on “Iran and Another OIL WAR

  1. f one were to base their convictions and opinions on the propagated talking points in the western media, and accept their delusional contextualization of the Iranian issue, one would think that the Iranian state is a menace and an existential threat to, not only the U.S. and Israel, but the entire world. If one was sufficiently convinced that Iran posed a direct threat to their security, in such a state of fear, one might even support a preemptive attack. This contextualization is so twisted and backwards that while laughable, is also extremely dangerous as it could possibly lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of human beings.

    10 years ago, Brian Whitaker wrote in The Guardian that “One of the oldest tricks in the run-up to a war is to spread terrifying stories of things that the enemy may be about to do. Government officials plant these tales, journalists water them and the public, for the most part, swallow them.” This was, as we all know now, the method used to justify the murder of Iraqi civilians and the destruction of their nation by the Bush and Obama administrations. It was a pack of lies – weapons of Mass Destruction, ties with Al Qaeda etc. – destined to occupy Iraq, steal its wealth and keep it under control, regardless of “civilian casualties”

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