Christianity and the Message of Christ

Justinian (The Messiah) and Theodora (The Virgin) ~ The Creators of Roman Christianity

I believe that Jesus would gaze disapprovingly upon most of the Christians of this age.

I have my beliefs and am satisfied with them. For me, organized religion, worship of “holy” books such as the Bible or the Qu’ran, the post-Constantin Roman Christian concentration on the physical person of Christ rather than the message of Christ, the belief that Faith alone will get you to heaven and the stubborn clinging to a belief in a “Loving God” who condemns souls to hell will keep me away from what now passes for Christianity.

I believe in Christ as prophet of the Gods. For me, it is enough that he was a messenger who brought a message of Faith, Hope and Love to mankind. I do not need to sit in a church pew and moan ad nauseum how much I “LOOOOOVE JeeZus!” like some heifer in spiritual heat.  It is not what one believes but how one incorporates ones beliefs into ones life that is important.

I know far too many Christians who talk a great game and then fall back on the Original Sin hoax stating that we are all sinners as an excuse for turning a blind eye to and doing nothing about the evils in this world.

Too many believe that as long as they believe in Jesus and accept him into their hearts as their savior that they are going to heaven. I believe that it is impossible to accept Jesus without accepting his message. The Ministry of Jesus was about work. The work of loving the world. The work of loving your neighbor. The work of accepting and not judging.

Each Christian vote for acts such as the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment is a repudiation of the message of Christ. Each Christian vote against the poor is a repudiation of the message of Christ. Each Christian vote against immigrants from South America is a repudiation of the life of Christ.

Christ was about helping the poor and welcoming everyone into the family of man. His life was not about keeping those poverty stricken Mexicans out of America. Christ was not about marginalizing homosexuals or the poor. Christ was not about sanctifying marriage for this group or that group.

30 years ago marriage was too sacred to allow a Black Man to marry a White Woman. Miscegenation was a great evil. Now, if you’re a good Christian, you must stop the homosexuals from ruining marriage. What’s next? Maybe they’ll actually tackle the real problem facing marriage. Adultery. I doubt that though. They’d have to fire 80% of the Preacher Men if they did that.

I missed that in the teachings of Christ. I missed where Jesus stated that only White Men can marry White Women and that no other marriage was valid.

These are some of the many reasons that I will never again be a part of Christianity.

The greatest reason is that I revere Christ and see that organization which claims to represent him as a repudiation of all that is good about the man and his message.

Having long ago verged from the path of Ieshua the Nazarene, Modern Christianity is a hot mess.

6 comments on “Christianity and the Message of Christ

  1. Dawood,

    I don’t doubt your honesty one bit; however, you put all humans in an impossible box.

    I think you know that I believe in the God who sent Jesus and had him preach to the masses about His Father’s kingdom of Heaven. I still read and believe the Bible stories regularly. If somebody burned Bibles that would be on them.

    Paul was a privileged offspring of the Pharisees who persecuted Christians before hearing Christ speak.

    Paul became among the greatest of the early Christian preachers, throughout much of the land you have traveled over there.

    In his letters to the Ephesians and the Philipians Paul proclaimed himself “Chief among sinners”.

    In John 14:1-3 Jesus said: “If you believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you.”

    I believe in a loving God and yet, I don’t understand all of the world’s suffering. I believe that we humans will someday but not while here on earth.

    Please come back to America. It certainly isn’t safe here, but you may not make it out alive over there. Some of our people are even rioting over sports shoes now.

    You could set Unny up in business and write, write, write. The world needs your honesty without the strong feelings you express on religion. or, if you insist, I cannot keep you from expressing your convictions.

    Your good friend,


      • It seems at first glance that authority could not exist at all if all men were cowards or if no men were cowards, but flourishes as it does because most men are cowards and some men are thieves. Actually, the inner dynamics of cowardice and submission on the one hand and of heroism and rebellion on the other are seldom consciously realized either by the ruling class or the servile class. Submission is identified not with cowardice but with virtue, rebellion not with heroism but with evil. To the Roman slave-owners, Spartacus was not a hero and the obedient slaves were not cowards; Spartacus was a villain and the obedient slaves were virtuous. The obedient slaves believed this also. The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.

        –Robert Anton Wilson

  2. Why should I be barred from expressing my views on religion Sam? Simply because they do not walk hand in hand with yours. That’s fairly Talibanic thinking, I do believe.

    I will continue to write about Christianity until Christians actually start to live their self espoused beliefs.

    Until that time, I will point out the hypocrisy of stating a belief in Christ and a completely divergent set of actions and lifestyles.

    I know people who condemn Muslims, Mexicans and Homosexuals while sitting in a bar drinking and claiming to be Christians.


    Santorum, Bush, Gingrich. They’re all examples of Christians who are closet wannabe Neros. Followers of Constantin not Christ.

    If you believe in Christ, you follow his teachings. If you don’t follow his teachings, you’re lying and taking his name in vain. Too many Christians do this. Condeming others to a fabled hell while they live lives that would make the Nazarene cringe.

    My opinion of Paul is not good. His writings are repulsive to a large degree.

    Believe in Christ. There is nothing wrong with that. If you do, though, live the belief. I’m not saying that one must be perfect. I don’t even believe that Jesus was perfect. I believe that he was human. I beleive he was a gift to mankind. If we study HIS message and not the interpretations of his message as come down to us through Paul and the Constantin Roman Deformation Church, then it is a great and loving message. When we allow intermediaries to tell us what they think Jesus was and what Jesus taught, we are doomed.

    I’m of the opinion that the Old Testament should be discarded. It is no better than the Qu’ran. It is a story of blood, rape, pillage, fire and brimstone.

    The message of Christ wiped away the need for what we call the old testament.

    Sam, I do not believe in original sin. I do not beleive in the concept of sin. I do not believe in the concept of guilt. We learn. We move on. We do good works. We do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

    I would not someone to murder me, therefore, I would not murder another. I would not want to be molested as a child, therefore, I would not molest a child. I do not want to have my belongings stolen, therefore, I would not steal from others.

    I need no God to know this. I need no threat of hell to compel me to be a good and moral human being.

    Hell and the threat of hell is for children. I do not believe that a loving God would have created a hell. I believe that hell is a human invention.

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