Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis ~ The Prodigee

The kid is being compared to Kevin Garnett.  Some say that he might be a better prospect.   He has all of the swagger but none of the arrogance of KG.  The Dude is all business.  This time next year, he’ll be a Millionaire.

When he’s on the court, his presence must be respected.  His 13 points a game are nothing compared to his denial of offense to the opponent.  How many shots are altered?  How many opponents intimidated by his presence?  They tried to go around him, go over him, go through him.  None of it works.  The kid improvises.  The kid adapts.  The kid overcomes.  Gunny Highway would be proud.  There is no one else like him in College Ball.  I don’t think there is anyone since the early days of Shaq that has had the presence that Davis has on the court.  Hell, the kid can even play a little point from time to time and has been green lighted to shoot the Trey.   Unbelievable!

There really is nothing else that can be said about him.  He’s lifted Kentucky Basketball to the pinnacle during this season.  Kentucky fans (myself included) are hoping that he’ll get the trifecta ~ Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.  Three or four days after that, we’re hoping that he gets MOP of the Final Four and hoists that Championship Trophy.

Davis goes down into history as one of the most talented and accomplished players in Kentucky Basketball.  All of that is possible after one year!  ONE FREAKIN’ YEAR!

If he decides that he loves it and comes back for one more, they’ll name a city after him.  I’m sure that there are babies being born all over the State of Kentucky right now being name Anthony.  Kentucky fans are just that crazy.

I’ve got friends in Thailand, Afghanistan, Scotland and Romania who are now following Davis and Kentucky Basketball.   Much of that because of the excitement surrounding the Sultan of Swat wearing blue and a BIG UNIBROW down in Lexington.

Nerlens Noel is probably giving Kentucky and Calipari more consideration because of Davis.  I’d love to see the kid come back and play beside Noel.  Then see them go one, two in the NBA Draft that year.  One can dream.

Thing is, all of this is nothing compared to the scouts evaluation of him. In a loaded class with Harrison Barnes, all eleven hundred of the Kentucky kids, Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, and Thomas Robinson, Davis is still miles ahead of the rest in terms of ability and projected ceiling. It’s not just the production, that stuff can come from physical dominance at the college level. But it’s that his defensive instincts and determination are so high. He’s a smart, coachable player that doesn’t block just the first shot. He blocks the second shot. He blocks the third shot. To say he may be the best defensive prospect since Kevin Garnett is not an exaggeration.

One comment on “Anthony Davis

  1. Right on good friend. The intimidation factor changes the opponents offensive attack. They had better make threes away from him or very probably will go down!

    Come home and write in the states, Dawood! The world needs your writing about the Middle East and current events.


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