The Death of Whitney Houston

Another celebrity dies, another group of bubbleheads use that celebrities death to make political statements about the downfall of society.

People die every day. The effect that a death has on the world is determined by the ways in which a person has touched the world in life. There are millions of people who are concerned over the troubles of Africa. At some point, though, Africa has to solve it’s own problems. Much like Afghanistan, the world can not force African Nations to start giving a damn about themselves and each other enough so as to solve their problems themselves.

Short of going in and slaughtering half of them and then solving their problems for them, what would these folks have the world do?

People are going to continue to celebrate talent and mourn the loss of such talented people. People are going to continue to see problems such as those in Africa as something far removed and not of their concern as long as these problems are remote. It’s all about proximity. That has nothing to do with our society.  In many ways, it’s all to do with scale.

Who’s society are we talking about anyway? Romanian? European?  Chinese?  American? Islamic? Christian? Buddhist?  Hindu?  Zoroastrian?  Byzantine?

How is mourning the death of a talented person a damnable characteristic of a society?

Millions of dollars are poured into Africa each day. Millions more will continue to be poured into Africa. This will happen year after year, decade after decade. Millions of people have sent money or traveled to Africa to help Africans. When does Africa start to help itself. It’s the same thing about which we have complained in Afghanistan. These people overwhelmingly will not help their own neighbors. Instead choosing to get theirs before they “get got.”  The corruption levels in places Afghanistan and the countries of Africa are off the scale.

What would these people have us do?  I see criticisms.  I see no solutions proffered.

Any time anyone does attempt to force a Nation or a people to act a certain way, the very people who keep saying that we should do something start complaining about the way we are doing that “something.” If we simply pour money into these countries, they turn into Somalias or Rwandas.   If we do nothing, they turn into Syrias and Lybias.

Is crying over 1 million dead Africans going to solve anything? If I take a moment out of each day and shed a tear over the deaths of millions of children and mothers in Africa, is this going to change the world?  I think not.

With all of that in mind, why is the mourning of Whitney Houston by the people whose lives have been touched by her voice a statement of any sort on “Society?”   The peoples of those societies mourn the death of a talented person who has touched millions of lives through song.  How is that a great evil?  How does that equal a “messed up” society?

2 comments on “The Death of Whitney Houston

  1. When do any of us do enough to help, Dave?

    I know that you and I support the Kentucky basketball team who will very soon have more millionaires in the NBA. Those black people and black entertainers must search themselves as to the best ways to help our world’s people survive and prosper. Many do and many don’t and the same can be said about all of us.

    The Tayshaun Princes of the world are few and far between.

    We can all learn from caring people and it is obvious to me that you care.

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