Words. Meanings. Evolution of Language and Big Brother.

What kind of gay shit is iHearts on Facebook?  OOPS, Did I say “Gay?”

When did Gay start to have only one meaning that is dominated by Homosexual society?  Nearly every word in the English language has multiple meanings.

The word BALL, for instance, has at least 5 meanings.  Do Ballers get offended when someone says that they’re “balling their girlfriend” or that they’re “having a ball?”

What’s next?  Can we not use the word Queer in it’s original intent?

The original meaning of Gay is Happy.  The original meaning of Queer is Funny.

So, homosexuals took a couple of words that were originally meant to be provocative towards them and are attempting to control it’s future use.
I don’t buy it.  Others have a right to use the word as they see fit as well.  If I say something is “Gay” or “Fucking Gay,” I’m not saying it’s homosexual.  It’s not reference to, of or about Homosexuals.  I’m saying that it’s stupid or goofy.  If Gay people want to get offended by that, I’d say that they need to pull the stick out of their butt.

Words evolve. Get the fuck over it.  That’s goes for Hillary Duff and the rest of the Hollywood cultural fluff agents as well.

In the immortal words of Richard Pryor; “Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up!”

The Hotter Disney Gal

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