Men and the Abortion Debate

Here is the other half of the abortion issue.

A woman gets pregnant. She has three choices:

a. Give Birth
b. Abortion
c. Adoption.

The man has no choice in the matter.  Yet, this baby is a part of him as well.  Even so, the woman can decide to murder the baby and the man has no choice in the matter.  In my opinion, if it is only the woman’s choice as to what to do with “her body,” the man should have choices as well.

A man should be able to decide from the outset whether he wants to be a father or not. Just as the woman makes this decision.  However, this is not what happens. If the woman wants to murder the baby, the man has no choice. Zero recourse. If the woman wants to keep the baby, the man has no choice and must pay for this child for the next 18 to 23 years.  The man is basically held for ransom for 18 to 23 years of his life. He is at the mercy of the woman. He is expected to support this baby and, often times, the woman/mother.

I thought that we were all about equal rights in America. There is no equality in this relationship.

A man should have the right to decline Fatherhood in the exact same way that women are given the right to decline Motherhood.  As long as abortion is legal, Fatherhood should also be a choice. If the man wants to have nothing to do with the woman and/or the baby, he should have that choice. Period.

Abortion = Choice

Even though it is the equivalent of legal murder.

Legal Abortion should be a choice given to men as well. A man should have the right to abort the child in a LEGAL sense. The man should be allowed to choose to not have the child in the exact same way as the woman has the right to choose to not have the child.

Anything less is discriminatory.  Anything else is immoral.

One comment on “Men and the Abortion Debate

  1. Dawood,

    You make an interesting case. This old fashioned guy would say ‘abstinence’ is the better choice, but is tough to be made in foresight.

    Early on, before I was even a teenager, a noted judge in Portsmouth Ohio was getting his haircut while I and a couple of friends waited our turn. Henry Mckee, our barber, was conversing with the judge about teenagers and sex. The judge looked around the shop and said: “i tell these young fellows: “Just keep your pecker in your pants”.

    Our high school civics teacher, Bill Rohr, was good at involving all students in his classroom discussions. He would pose a topic or question at the beginning of each class. He once asked: “Why do you think your parents set curfew times for your dates?” That evoked many comments about the old people being out of touch (over 60 years ago). At the end of the session, Coach Rohr said: “Well, studies have shown that when two people of the opposite sex get together alone in a car after even 10 PM and get to ‘petting’ and go too far, neither one of them want to reach up and turn the key off.”

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