Do Muslims Love Their Children?

We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.

~ Golda Meir

Do Muslims of the Middle East love their children?  I am often perplexed by this question as it often seems as though Muslims hate with much more vehemence than they love.  Muslims often seem to have a greater love of martyrdom than of life.  This great love of martyrdom seems to extend to their attitudes and behavior towards their children.

Arabs, or rather Muslims, regularly send their children to their deaths as suicide bombers into crowded markets of their own people.   They send their airplanes into towers in the cities of other nations.  There is much evidence that Muslims have targeted women in Iraq.  The offending parties find women who are easy victims.  They rape these women.  Another woman who is in on the scam will tell this woman that she is shamed, spoiled, worthless.  She’s been raped, she’ll never find a husband.  Never have a family.  Better that she give her life for Allah and become a martyr.  This victim then becomes victim again and is sent as a human missile into the midst of fellow Muslims to explode into so many pieces of wasted potential.  Convinced in her grief and shame that by murdering these fellow Muslims that she will find paradise waiting for her in the hereafter.

Afghan and Paki Taliban often target young children.  They give them a basket full of clothes and tell the child to deliver the basket to an Afghan National Police Check Point.  Unbeknownst to the child, within the folds of the clothing is hidden a bomb.  The package is detonated as the child is delivering the basket.  Not after the package has been delivered, but, while it is still in the hands of the child.  The Taliban blow the child into “martyrdom” and  “paradise” along with the adult Afghans at the check point.  Worse yet, they convince some of these children that the bomb will not kill them, but,  that the bomb will kill only the infidel.  These are crimes against humanity to the Nth degree.  The Palestinians have not shied away from sending children off to martyrdom’s paradise either.

Iranian children during the Iran-Iraq War were “volunteered” for service on the front lines as mine clearers.  Iranian Leaders asked the Umma, or faithful, of Shi’a Iran to send their children to the battlefields to be martyred for the Great Ayatollah Khomeini.  For certainly, they were assured of paradise as martyrs for the Great Iranian Revolution.  These children were rolled up in blankets and told to roll over the ground where the Military suspected or knew there were minefields so that the THE CHILDREN would detonate mines before the Iranian Army marched or drove their vehicles through.  No, the children did not survive the blast, but, it was ok.  They were on their way to paradise.  I don’t know what a 12 year old Child would do with his or her 72 Virgins.  These were Children!  Aged 12-13.

It’s an honest question.  It’s a simple question.  Do Muslims love their Children?  If Ayatollah Sistani tells the Muslims of Iraq to send theirr children into minefields, will “good Muslims” heed the call?  If al Sadr or Khamanei tells “good Muslims” to send their toddlers into the road with a bomb strapped to their waist and they will be martyrs and go straight to paradise, will “good Muslims” comply?

A Muslim daughter dishonors her father.  She is often murdered for this great crime.  Often the incident that brings dishonor is conjured, a lie or simply a man wishing to possess a woman.  Other times, the shame is brought on by the woman’s rejection of a male Muslim.  Is the honor of a Muslim Father so great that his daughter deserves death for bringing dishonor?  If a young Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim or is simply “too Western,” is that truly deserving of her death?  Is a Muslim woman of so little value in Islam?  Is the honor of a Muslim Man worth so much more than the life of his daughter or sister?

Is Muslim hatred for Israel, the West and/or the United States so great that it outweighs their love for their children?  Are the lives of Muslim children worth less than a Great Victory over Saddam Hussein, the Great Shaitan or some other infidel?

Do Muslims love their children?

It’s a simple question.  It should have a simple answer.

5 comments on “Do Muslims Love Their Children?

  1. Institutionalized child abuse.
    Institutionalized domestic violence.
    Afterlife more valuable than the present human condition.
    All societies have degrees of this violence.
    Good of you to call attention to it.

  2. Obviously Arab parents love their children more than death. You are showing a typical western point of view , with absolutely no regard for the suffering being endured by so many in the muslim world and unless you were actually there to witness these events , your information is based on biased Western media , which will always show Islam in a negative view.

    • I don’t think it’s so obvious that Arabs love their children. Perhaps, they love their own lives more than their children’s futures. Why else would they put up with petty despots forever.

      Then again, one could as the same of Americans since we are selling our children’s futures for entitlements and a false sense of security today.

      I’ve traveled the world fairly well by now. I have come to accept that all religions are false. Islam and Christianity just happen to be the ugliest, most full of lies and most brutal.

      The world would be better off had Mohammad and Paul never lived to expound upon and spread their perverted meandering discourses and expansions of the mythologies of the Jews.

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