3RD World ~ Immortal Technique

Warning!  Profane as Hell!

Anyone who has bought into the DNC, the GOP, Mainstream Media will be offended.  lol

I don’t know much about these guys.  They are fairly well researched in their lyrics, it would seem.  That said, it sounds like they forgot to go back to the beginning.  Much of what is happening today finds it’s roots in past centuries back to the early part of the last Millennium.  It’s very much centered in the African American experience, but, compelling from a general standpoint on American Politics and the American Media.  Some of their ideology is erroneous.  It seems as if they think that America created Israel.  We didn’t.  When Israel was created we weren’t really paying too much attention to it from a Political standpoint.  Plus, they seem to make a common liberal-esque mistake is concentrating on the evil committed by Israel and ignoring the evil committed by the Arabs surrounding Israel (including the Palestinians themselves).  No one is guiltless in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.  Not the Jews and certainly not the Muslims.

All that said, I like it.





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