The Christian Nation (American Sanctity)

People I know, they worried ’bout the country.

They say the homos and spics and niggers are tryna take over.  They gonna ruin America.

Those other folks.  They say that God gonna be killed by the fags and atheists.

They say those homos gonna ruin marriage.  Say life ain’t nevah goin’ be the same if two men marry each other.  Say it worse if two women get the sanctity of marriage.

They say marriage is sacred.  It’s a Christian right.  People that’s different.  They don’t get no marriage.  Say different people getting married gonna destroy marriage.

I keep thinkin’ about adultery, though.  Why homos get the blame for fuckin’ up what the heteros already fucked up.  A man and woman can get married.  One of them cheat on the other.  No one care.  They get divorce.  No one care.  Adultery destroyin’ marriage all over.  But it’s the homos who get the blame.


And ain’t the sanctity o’ marriage already been ruined when we started lettin’ those darkies marry our pretty, pasty white gurlz back dere in the 70s.  I told y’all.  The world would go to shit when we let them black bucks marry our pristine white virgins.  Now we got the fags wantin’ to marry our strong white boys.  Life done got fucked up.  It’s all the darkies fault.

And to make matters worse…we got them MexiCANS!

The spics is comin’ up ta give us cheap labor.  Give us cheap prices.  Just like havin’ our own Chinks right here in America.  Sweat shops aren’t only for South America and Asia.  We like dem cheap prices, too.  Really like those cheap apples and bananas, iPods and iPads and such.

Don’t want to think about it, though.  Let ’em live in squalor.  Let ’em die of pneumonia.  They can stay illiterate.  We don’t want them around us.  Keep ’em in the fields.

But wait…

Why won’t they assimilate?  Why I gotta push “1” for English and Dos for Espanol?  This is America.  We speaks English.  Shit!  We don’t need them motherfuckin’ illegal bastards in our country.

They use our tax dollars.  They get free health care.  They go to our schools.  Fuck that.

Besides, we’re a Christian Nation.  We ain’t Catholic.

And them uppity ass Niggaz!  Who they think they are?  Got demselfs a Prez=OH-dent.  Now dey thinks dey special.  Like they gonna run somethin’.  And they still complainin’ that they don’t get treated right.

Shit.  They gotta know they place.

Back o’ da line, Nigger!  Back o’ da bus.

I’m the man.  Always gonna be da man.

Get yo ass to da back o’ da bus where you belong.  And take the fags and spics with ya.

Fuck!  What a crazy ass cracka gotta do ta get sum respect these days.

And what they got against Christmas anyhow???  Communist Bastards!!!

Then again.  I think about it.  I remember the Bible.  I remember Sunday School.  I remember these lines:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
I remember that Jesus spoke them to the Disciples.  I remember him saying that this was the path to heaven.  People say that we are a Christian Nation.
We’re a Christian Nation?  Truly?

2 comments on “The Christian Nation (American Sanctity)

  1. Dave, you are something else!

    None were perfect other than the Christ you speak of in the end.

    American poll results of 86-14 believe there is a God.

    Have you encountered something better in your Middle East travels.

    I don’t recall hearing you mention the better if you did.

    Please send me an excerpt of your book, good friend.

    I honestly find kinder and gentler among Christian friends.

    I never hear them saying things such as you exaggerate herein.

    Are there any kinder than our mutual friend, Rick?


  2. Since no one was/is perfect except Jesus, Christians can justify outright bigotry and neglect of their fellow man.

    I tire of that excuse coming from the mouths of Christians. That’s what I hear.

    The other beautiful excuse is “hate the sin, not the sinner.” It makes no difference if your hatred is directed at the person doing the sin.

    Back in the 70s, I remember preachers and other religious folks coming out saying that mixed race marriages were against God’s law. I remember “good” Christians ranting on about it.

    This blog post is based on things that people have actually said to me. The words are right out of the mouths of others.

    You bring up the fact that I’ve been in other countries. Muslim countries. OK. Yes, I have. You ask if I’ve encountered anything differently or better. Is that the standard by which America should judge itself. Do you think that we should only strive to be better than Muslims or that our leadership should only strive to be better than Muslims leaders?

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Not ever the Muslims have that weak a standard.

    I thought the standard was the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. For Christians, I’d think you could add the example of the life of Jesus.

    Too many Christians concentrate on the old testament and the negative spirit therein. What does Jesus say about our world. I don’t think he says that we should kick the needy or beat up on Homosexuals or keep Black people down or send people seeking a better life back to that place from where they came.

    If your standard is “be better than the Muslims” or “do as well as the Muslims,” I suppose we’re doing an ok job. We aren’t hanging them from street poles. Yet.

    If you’re standard is Christ, then America is doing a piss poor job. PISS POOR!

    This is my opinion. You are entitled to yours as well.

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