Joker Phillips set to Resign

There may be smoke to the rumors.  It’s all over the net that Joker Phillips will announce that he is leaving UK Football after the Tennessee game this weekend.

The reasons range from his alleged off the field behavior to his incompetence on the field.   Personally, I believe that if he is resigning, it’s because he’s being forced out because some of these rumors are true.

Personally, I never thought that he’d work out.  I was never impressed with the run of cupcake beatings and wins against down teams such as UL, Vandy and the Mississippi twins to get to a minor Bowl Game.  The Infamous Cupcake Strategy of Rich Brooks.  I was underwhelmed by it all.  Rich Brooks had two decent teams —  2006 and 2007.  Both seasons had wins against quality opponents and ended with victories in the Music City Bowl.  Every other year was mediocre at best.  Those years were the lone “good years” of the Rich Brooks tenure.

Joker bought into the Cupcake Strategy.  That said enough about him for me.  It was winning by sleight of hand.  Joker was made Head Coach in Waiting and went on to be a dismal failure.  He could beat the cupcakes.  He hasn’t proven that he can beat the lower level SEC schools and UL took him out this year.   If he stays, there will be no improvement.  Retaining Joker will only delay the inevitable and set UK Football back further.   UK Football can not afford to be set back any further.

Hopefully the rumors are true about him resigning.  Joker will resign or be forced out and UK can move on.  If it does happen, UKAA will need to hit a home run in their hire.  Leach.  Gruden.  Someone who can energize the program.  Someone who can build something real rather than attempt to fool UK fans with smoke and mirrors.

If nothing is done this year, look for Commonwealth Stadium to be a cemetery next year.  Only the diehard fans who want to support the players will show up for the games.  Average attendance will be less than 50,000.

The consensus seems to be that Joker will not resign.  It’s either force him out of let him play out his contract.  If he’s back next year, it’s going to be ugly.

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