Sandusky and Mitch McQuery

WTF is wrong with this Mitch McQuery guy? He sees a 50+ year old man fucking a 10 year old kid up the ass in a shower. Instead of beating Sandusky’s to a pulp. He shrugs, walks away and simply reports it up the chain of command.

The major crime though is the time one of the assistants witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy in the shower and told Joe Paterno. Paterno told the AD and the AD decided not to tell anyone and then continued to let Sandusky stay on campus with an office up until Tuesday when he was arrested. The incident happened back in 1998 and Sandusky retired in 1999 and continued to sexually abuse boys up until 2007 on the Penn State campus.

I would have had a hard time NOT beating Jerry Sandusky to death had I seen him assaulting a child in such fashion. But this chump just walks off??? HUH???  He doesn’t interfere or attempt to stop the disgusting act.

And then there is Paterno?  What did he know?  If he knew the truth about Sandusky, JoePa is criminally liable in my opinion.  Especially if he covered it up for the past ten years.  I was pissed that they fired Paterno at first.  After more and more of this story comes out, JoePa might deserve to go to prison along with Sandusky, McQuery and a few others.


Sandusky Sex Scandal

Dave Baker tells it like it is…

2 comments on “Sandusky and Mitch McQuery

  1. You might have missed it, but they tried to appoint McQuery to HC for their game tomorrow. That whole program and university needs to be wiped clean and started anew. That’s what really chaps my rear: that they’re still trying to maintain some kind of continuity in their fb program (I mean by trying to let McQuery coach Sat.).

    I think that what Sandusky did was as sick a crime against mankind as exists, and those around him that tried to keep their careers and images unblemished are just a notch below what he did.

  2. Even hardcore convicted criminals hate child molesters.

    At Penn State, however, they’re simply given more access to potential victims.

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