Did BushCo allow bin Laden to Succeed?

Recently, a question was asked:  “Do you really believe what you are saying or do you think FDR and Bush were begging and pleading for Japan and Bin Laden to attack us so we could enter a war? Seriously?”

On the question of Japan, undoubtedly FDR was courting an attack as justification for entering the War in Europa. Anyone who has read the history of the build up to World War II knows that FDR was looking for a way to get the American people on a war footing. Embargoes are a mother!

As for bin Laden. BushCo were strangely oblivious of bin Laden prior to 9-11. I do not put it past the Gov’t and especially one guided by the likes of Cheney and Rummy to allow an attack to occur so as to “lead” the nation to war.

Why did we NEED to go to Iraq? The answer is that we DID NOT. Yet, 9-11 and the GWOT were used as an excuse to take us into that war. They definitely “shaded the truth” to get the war that they wanted.

The Spanish American War was yet another contrived war as was the Mexican War and the Vietnam War. When one looks at the Korean War, it is a war into which we either secretly goaded North Korea or into which Truman simply blundered like a blind fool.

American spheres of influence were stated loudly to the World. South Korea lay JUUUUUUUSSSSSST outside of the line. Leading NK, China and the USSR to believe that we’d stand by and do nothing.

From the internet:

In June 1950, after Secretary of State Dean Acheson declared Korea to be outside of America’s sphere of influence, the North Koreans invaded South Korea and attempted to reunify the country under communist rule. President Truman immediately declared Korea a “global police action” and attempted to drive the North Koreans out of South Korea. In fact, the United States secret larger goal in the Korean war was to defeat North Korean communism and create a unified Korea under American domination and control. Korea was supposed to be the first major effort to rollback global communism. However, communist China, feeling threatened that aggressive American actions against North Korea would be followed by American attempts to undermine Chinese communism, entered the Korean war against the United States and its South Korean ally. The Korea war quickly proved to be a deadly stalemate between the United States and communist China. Only in 1953, after President Eisenhower secretly threatened to drop atomic bombs on China, did the Chinese agree to an end to the war, leaving North and South Korea divided just as they were at the beginning of the war.

The Korean war, as many American leader later said, seem to justify America’s global crusade against Soviet communism. It convinced many Americans of the truth of the United States governments warning that the Soviet were plotting to take over the world and impose communist domination over the free world. The Korean war would further justify American creation of the “nuclear umbrella” to shield the free world from Soviet expansion. As described by Secretary of State Dean Acheson in 1949, the nuclear umbrella was the American threat to wage nuclear war against the Soviet Union if the communists threatened any country in the free world. An attack on any member of the free world, thus, would be treated as an attack against the United States, which would lead America to wage nuclear war against the aggressor.

Also, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman: mission and power in American foreign policy By Anne Rice Pierce PG 248 (Google Books)

As well as the following:

After World War II, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. divided Korea into spheres of influence—the Soviets backed Communist-ruled North Korea and the U.S. backed the South Korean dictatorship. Both Koreas had threatened to invade the other. When U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson declared that South Korea was no longer part of the U.S. defense perimeter in Asia, the North invaded the South.

Do I think that a US President and/or the US Political and Military Leadership are capable of allowing an attack or incident to happen so as to lead us into war? Definitely.  It’s been done several times.






FORT SUMTER! (As Lincoln stated; “The North must not be seen as the aggressor.)

The Tonkin Gulf Incident

Leaving the Koreas outside of our “sphere of influence.”

What did Madame Ambassador say to Saddam Hussein when he asked how the US would view aggression against Kuwait?

Known faulty intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq in ’03.

The War of 1812 and lust for Canada.

Hawaii, the US Marines and Dole Fruit

Gautamala and United Fruit

Nicaragua/Panama ~ We needed a Canal passage.

Pinochet ~ Nixon and Henry Kissinger

Nixon, Cambodia and Laos

4 comments on “Did BushCo allow bin Laden to Succeed?

  1. Cannot disagree with you more, good friend!

    The progressives or leftists have been goading America toward dictatorship/socialism throughout the twentieth century and into this twenty-first century. Yours is a distorted presentation in this instance.

    The world has not known a successful endeavor such as the American Republic before. But it has been written that no democracy succeeds more than a couple of hundred years. When the politicians discover that they can keep shoving dollars into their pockets here and there without full public scrutiny, you bet the selfish such will. As such this country is thought to be ripe for picking by the islamic terrorists, or at least they think so. Our supposed representatives are representing themselves to the extent that the American citizen has been forgotten. These are rich Cats. Now George Soros and his ilk, of which I hope my good friend Dawood Kahn doesn’t become a lackey, would like to destroy capitalism.

    Most of this nation believes in a higher being, but not one who encourages “killing the infidels”. In fact even our liberal media polings show that eighty-six per cent of our citizens are God believers. The ACLU and strong mafia-connected union leaders (selfish power seekers) sought more and more for themselves and have not a thing to make us proud.

    Come on Dave! You have a rich history of life in seeing how the Middle East operates. Is it a haven for anything?

    Leading leftist reps all agreed that Hussein had WMD and supported the Iraqui invasion until they made it Bush’s war.

    This United States of America has many faults. Roosevelt did not care for the checks and balances of the American government and he wanted to stack the supreme court with more numbers, kind of like gerry-mandering a branch with appointees he could control.
    I was just a kid during WW II. I, my family and friends considered him a hero because he was so excellent fireside orator. I credit him with being a war leader along with Winston Churchill in keeping our families from learning the goose-step or working rice for the Japanese Emperor.

    Hitler thought his Germany, with all of its genious and his own misguided control could take the whole world. The Japanese thought they could put a lot of rice paddies between the Pacific and the Mississippi River and we were looking weak militarily. I was a witness to great strides of patriotism for this country. Factories converted quickly to war goods from civilian goods to help our troops. Moms went to work to replace the soldiers who left the factories. We had a united and greater cause and we quickly debveloped superior fighting forces with the English and other allies who undrstood the causes.

    Dave, I am a Tea Party guy, as in the Boston Harbor when the British were overtaxing and otherwise attempting to make us part of their empire, Americans said no! the Revolutionary War led to our independence and we exceeded even the economic imperialism of Britain.

    You and I know too many hard working and loyal citizens of this country who will literally fight to defend the good that is here. You are far too mentally sharp to be duped.

    Please don’t give me that speil. I have never bought into your claim of being a heretic and I certainly do not believe in the current group of progressives who would let us become a dictatorship under thes current “orator only”. He moves his mouth smoothly but doesn’t say a thing of value except to his leftist ilk, which is hardly good American creed. America is far from perfect, but it is still worhty of fitting Ronald Reagan’s “Ctiy on a Hill” description.

    God, please bless my good friend, Dave Kaelin.

    Sam Kegley … aka SamKat

    • Sam, it is your right to disagree with me.

      That said, you can’t fight history. You can’t fight facts. Those things that I wrote about in this entry happened. You can’t hide from that. You can believe what the politicians tell you, if that is your desire.

      You say that you hope that I do not become a dupe. It would seem that you have already been duped.

      The CIA has supported and planned coups in many Central American Counties. The CIA did the same thing in Iran in the ’50s. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was based on a lie. We, AMERICA, did stop the elections in Vietnam because we did not like the likely outcome of Ho Chi Minh winning that election. Truman did, in fact, leave Korea out of our Spheres of Influence leading to North Korea attacking the South. FDR and the whole US Intelligence community did know that an attack from Japan was coming. We did attack Germany first after that attack. The Spanish American War was based on the lie about the USS Maine. The Mexican War was started by the US in order to take land from Mexico. We were the aggressor in the war. We were ardent supporters of Saddam Hussein until he invaded Kuwait. We did tell Saddam that we had no opinion of his plans concerning Kuwait and we did, then, attack him and push him back into Iraq. We also invaded Iraq the 2nd time based on fabricated intelligence. That everyone believed it only means that the whole of our government was duped. How is that good? How is any of that good?

      Dole Banana, the US Marines, the US Embassy and the CIA did pull a coup to bring Hawaii into the American Empire. We stole Hawaii from the Natives. That is historical fact. Do you deny this?

      I’m not saying that America or Americans are bad people. I’m saying that our political leadership have led us to war with lies on many an occasion.

      I believe in God. I simply do not believe in Roman Christianity. I believe that Jesus was a prophet. An Avatar. A great man with a great and good message. Christianity, however, has always been a means of control and propaganda. Constantine co-opted Christianity as a tool of Empire. He perverted the message of Jesus. Christianity has never recovered from that. Jesus was good. Christianity has never been good. That’s simply my opinion of it.

      Not that this blog entry mentioned Christianity or Obama. I have a lower opinion of Obama than I do of Christianity. Organized religion is not a good thing in my opinion. It is worse when that religion is part of the governance of a people.

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