Laws, Borders, Nature and God

All laws and all borders are man made. God has no laws. The earth has only natural borders. These are otherwise known as oceans, rivers and mountains. All else is statist, anti-human, greed driven, maniacal, hypocritically political/religious based hate.

Dave Kaelin

4 comments on “Laws, Borders, Nature and God

  1. hmm “God had no laws” uh, TEN COMMANDMENTS maybe? THOU SHALT NOT KILL? THOU SHALT NOT STEAL? ?? Seems to me if you’re a practicing christian God does have laws. Really David? “Law of Kharma” in Buddhism? The statement above smells suspiciously of “one worlder” hackery. Have you been reading Fareed Zakaria and Thomas Friedman or something? Good lord.

    How about this for the natural order “Family First, Tribe next, Region after that, then Country” All others can suck it! I have a natural border, the line that designates my property, screw around with it at the risk of having a .223 shoved up your butt.

    Just sayin’

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