Unique by Unny

Painting her next Masterpiece

Painting her next Masterpiece

Unique by Unny

Above is a picture of Unny painting one of her angels.

Buddhist Painting

Buddhist Painting

This is a piece that Unny painted for me.  It’s Buddha under the (a re-interpretation of the) Bodhi Tree.  It’s not for sale, though, as I love it and won’t part with it.  haha

This is Unny at work in a course she recently took with a Thai Jewelry Master.

This is one of the first pieces that Unny created.  She is perfecting her craft and on the way to super stardom.  So you guys should get her stuff while it’s still cheap.  lol  Before she sells out to commercial interests.  haha


Unny was recently selected to participate in a prestigious Jewelry and Arts Fair in Chiang Mai.  They paid for her to stay the weekend and participate in a competition to select invitees to the Bangkok International Jewelry Exposition.  If she is selected, her work will be displayed at the Expo along side famous artists from around Southeast Asia.  This is a great opportunity and she is making the most of it.

Wish her luck.

Please stop by her Facebook page (linked above) and say hello.  If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to contact Unny.  It will be her pleasure to help you with any questions or products that you may find of interest.

And make sure to hit the “LIKE” button on her page to let her know that you stopped by and liked what you saw.

Thanks much.  Peace and Blessings to you all…Dave K


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