Defense of Marriage Act

Madness is rare in individuals – but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule. ~ Nietzsche

The Defense of Marriage Act is an abomination in a free society.

Religion is the only reason that leads people to oppose Gay Marriage or to defend the “Sanctity of Marriage.”  Christians who say otherwise are deceiving themselves or others.

There is not much difference between the lifestyle of an adulterous gay person and an adulterous straight person. Yet, no one is running around attempting to promote marriage as a way to halt adultery. They’re promoting this idea of the sanctity of marriage as a way of denying persons who are homosexual the ability to marry the person of their choice.

I think that is hypocrisy. If the religios out there spent as much time trying to promote good marriages and to halt the ubiquitous practice of adultery, I’d be able to see their point.

However, they do not.

Religious do not put emphasis on adultery. They only want to stop those abominable fags from getting married.

I don’t give a damn what gay people do. If parents want their kids to not grow up to be poofter boys or carpet licking lipstick queens, the process that works is to live by that preference, explain to your children why you feel that this life style is wrong or offensive or less than ideal or whatever and let your child see you living a good life through your deeds and not via worthless words while you do the opposite. Kids will follow a parent who isn’t full of shit.

Denying people something is not the way to show that it is a wrong lifestyle choice. It’s simply a way to polarize and to give creedence to that lifestyle. Especially when you scream “sanctity of marriage” and then run out and fuck around on your spouse. And that adulterous lifestyle is the norm in our society. Even women do it. It isn’t just men and it isn’t only Homosexuals who are promiscuous.

Adultery is the enemy of marriage. Not homosexuality.

Yet, you people have made homosexuals the target of your hypocritical ire.

Adultery has been around longer than the gay movement. So don’t attempt to blame it on “the Gays.”

I don’t particularly care for seeing all of these fags on TV. It’s goofy. They’re over-represented in my opinion. Especially on shows like Glee which is a fagsational show from hell. Shit just makes me laugh. I’ve got a few gay friends and not that many of them seemed as ridiculous to me as all of the “Gay people” that they show on TV.

I think Christians exacerbate the problem.

Raise your kids the way that you want them to be raised. Be a fuckin’ parent for once. Your kids will normally live by the values by which YOU live. Not the values that you espouse verbally and then hypocritically evade in action.

The short of it is Walk the walk.

Targeting a small group of people with whom one disagrees because it makes one feel all groovy inside for having done ones “Christian duty” is not going to keep your children from being Gay.

Gay people have just as much right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the rest of us. Yet, you are denying them this fundamental right from our Declaration of Independence via this DOMA/Sanctity of Marriage/Christian Hypocrisy.

This shit is all about religion. You are lying to yourself and to me when you attempt to say that religion has nothing to do with this issue. It’s all about targeting Gay people and using them as tools for political gain. If anyone was concerned about marriage, their primary concern would be adultery not homosexuality. So don’t try to bullshit me. I can see through the lies, deception and subterfuge to the reality behind the idiotic, sensationalized political ploy. Apparently, though, you can not. You’re still defending this heinous and bigoted act.

I’ve been told that no truly moral man has ever walked the earth except Jesus Christ.  The ideas and philosophies of Morality were around long before Judaism, Christ or the unholy Church of Rome and it’s satan spawned offspring. There was morality before Christ and there will be morality long after Christ and the archaic, medieval Chruch of Rome and it’s illgotten Children are forgotten or, better yet, banished from this earth. Christ did not dream up morality. He learned it.   I guess Buddha isn’t considered a moral man by these folks either.  I’d say that Buddha was one of the few who came closest to true morality.  Though, he was also a product of his patriarchal upbringing and never truly cast off that prejudice.

The Church did not invent marriage. They copied it from the Romans before them and the Greeks before them and the societies who were before them. Marriage is not a property of the unholy Roman Church and her incestuous Protestant offspring. Christianity has no right to interpret marriage. No religion has a monopoly on marriage. No Church or religion has the right to determine what is or what is not a proper marriage.

Most of the philosophies on morality that we have in the West come to us from the Greeks. Homosexuality was a way of life for the Greeks. How, then, can homosexuality be immoral. The fathers and inventors of what we know to be morality were nearly all cock sucking adulterers who took turns taking it up the ass and gave reach arounds.

Pls explain that to me.

And if one, then, tells me that one obtains their morality from Christianity and not the Greeks, how, then, can one tell me that this is not a religious issue?

Men will not be free until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.
Francois Marie Arouet de Voltaire

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