Muslims in the Military

I work with a guy who served for over 20 years in the US Army. Did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Retired as a CW3. Currently, he’s right here with me. He’s on my team here in Afghanistan. He’s my senior mentor. Hard working guy who does anything I ask of him.

Great guy and I love the dude to death.

As a matter of fact, I was telling one of my co-workers that I’m thankful that they put him on my team a year ago.

He’s also a Muslim.

The suggestion that all Muslims should be put out of the Military is simply fear based.

I’ll admit. At one time, I felt this way. I was angry. Thought they were all loonies.  Hell, I was all for bombing Mekkah.

Then I started working with Muslims. I learned again what I knew already before 9-11. Most Muslims are just ordinary people living ordinary lives.

All Muslims should not have to pay for the insane acts of a minority.   No matter how large that minority.  Labeling all Muslims based on the actions of a few is pure and simple bigotry.  I don’t like Christianity and think that the same lunacy exists therein that exist in Islam. It hasn’t manifested itself in the same way as it has in Islam. Yet, I believe it is there. What if I demanded that all Christians should be booted from the military?

Christians would go nuts.

Same thing. Exactly the same thing.

I have met hundreds and maybe thousands of Muslims who are simple and ordinary folks. All they want is to live their lives and provide a good and decent life for their children. What most of the Muslim world lacks is a decent education and opportunities.

Hating all Muslims is not the way to go. Aiming a rifle or bombs at all Muslims is not the way to go.

It simply is not.

Targeting the right people is the way to go. Educating the masses is the way to go. Halting our support of the hideous and ridiculous criminal regime in Saudi Arabia is the way to go. Building schools and hospitals and universities in the Muslim world is the way to go.

If we start building for the future in these areas and in 20 or 30 years, the recruiting grounds for terrorism goes away.  This is a program needed every bit as much as the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan.  Yet, we spend billions killing folks and a pittance on educating them.

First step, though, is to take out the House of Saud. As long as we are in bed with them, we are in bed with the greatest enemy of freedom and liberty.   Saudi Arabia is supposed to be the guardian of Islam,  Yet, it is Islams greatest mortal foe.  The Wests love affair with Saudi Arabia is akin to sleeping with a viper.  More closely, it’s like sleeping in a nest of vipers.

I am for banning any Wahhabi Muslim from entering the United States and for deporting any who are here and rooting them out of our military. It’s a cult of death and ignorance.

(This does not mean that I have changed my mind on the burqa, hijab or chadori.  These chains of ignorance should be banned from Islam.  They’re a throw back to darkness and a medieval attitude that has no business in a Democratic-Republican Nation.)

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