ROOT CAUSES: Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrants are everywhere these days.  Kentucky, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Idaho, North Dakota.  Americans are fed up.  They ask why they must pay the tax bill for illegal immigrant welfare.

It’s the cost of cheap labor. If Americans are going to allow South and Central Americans and Mexicans to migrate North so that American Business can get labor so cheap that China looks magnanimous by comparison, then this is the price America must pay.

It’s the same as it ever was. Business passing off expenses to the consumer.

Big (and small) Business gets CHEAP LABOR. The government takes up the slack. The tax payer pays for the Federal Government to take up that slack.

What’s new about this?

America did it with the Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Germans, Italians and others. Now America is doing it with Mexicans and the other Southern fellows.  I didn’t mention the Africans because that was different. Slavery was not written off and passed to the customer. There is no comparison between what happened to the Slaves and what occurred with other immigrant groups or the current batch. Slavery was simply evil incarnate.  Romans treated their slaves better than the American Southern Gentleman treated his.

Cheap labor.  It’s wonderful.  You want inexpensive products. Well, this is how you get it in America.  Illegal Immigration.  The only reason that Americans are complaining about illegal immigration is because it’s in their faces.  DAILY!  If it weren’t such an obvious phenomenon, the issue would not hold the collectively and infamously short attention span of the American political consciousness.

Cheap labor makes products that come from all over the world. China, Cambodia, Burma, etc,.  Not too many Americans give this a second thought as they purchase their Under Armour Shoes and Shirts.  Not many Americans spare a thought about these places because they aren’t walking by American front porches or soaking up American tax dollars.

This is the cost of Capitalism and Low Prices. Starvation wages, sweat houses, people living in squalor. All so Americans can buy cheaper iPods, Oranges, Bananas and Nikes. In the end, the devil takes his due.


I’m all for it.

The last pic begs the question.  Why do people have children when they know that they can’t take care of them?

3 comments on “ROOT CAUSES: Illegal Immigration

  1. The legal aliens assimilated, Dave, but the illegals want US to assimilate to their ways. All on the backs of the American taxpayers as you say, my friend.

    Go Cats!

    Go Americans! Go Tea Party!

    • I know a few illegal immigrants to the US. They are assimilating nicely.

      The problem is that they have to have a work VISA to work legally. So they have to work under the table.

      Some of these folks have sent their children off to fight our wars. I’d say that this is assimilating.

      It doesn’t have to be on the back of the American Tax Payer. Someone is giving them jobs or they would not have started coming in the first place.

  2. The impact of a sudden surge of unskilled workers and resource — draining refugees on an already unstable country is predictable. There are no jobs for them. They can sweep sand from the road and watch people drive by. They can also join the insurgency, or fund it by farming poppy. It’s the West with its shoulder against the wall trying to keep the whole thing from toppling over, so we hear that all of it — the bombs, the mass deportations — are part of hot potato concocted by Iran to keep the international community distracted from its nuclear ambitions. Iran meanwhile asks why they should have to drain their subsidized health care and compound their own job shortage to accommodate Afghans, especially given that Western countries have effectively closed their doors to Afghan refugees. The government of Afghanistan maintains that their relations with Iran are amiable. From here, it looks like Iran has deflected the economic impacts of American-imposed sanctions onto one of America’s own clients.

    Read more:

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