Disappearious Miller


The Incredible Shrinking Miller

Disappearious Miller!

What is wrong with this kid?

Cal needs to utilize the bench or find some way to both motivate and build his confidence.  The kid is an enigma.  He’s got talent.  Seems too intimidated to see it forward.

No one is a given starter.  He’s gotta get that shit goin’ and stop letting his game go all Jim Thompson.

The Cats can use that Offense and some board crashing.  Disappearious has as much offense as the French at Dien Bien Phu.  He’s as wasted on Defense as the Maginot Line.

We need an Attila or a Genghis out there and all he gives us is Howe in New York Harbor.

The CATS need Darius.  I don’t see why he can’t see that and do something about it.

I’m starting to think that he should be red-shirted next year and taken to the DOD SERE School so that they can install a set of balls and some testosterone.  At this rate, the NBA is out of the question.


Is this where Darius stays during games?

A Medical Redshirt may be in order as somehow, somewhere and at some time Billy Gillispie removed his balls.

I gotta question.  Does he ever leave the locker room during a game?  He’s played well about twice this year.  Both games UK Lost.  That’s a problem.  He’s not flowing in the system.  He should be leading.

If he doesn’t contribute something this year, he should be invited to transfer next year.


What do you think?  Is Darius hopeless?  Can he contribute?  Will be contribute?

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