Julian Assange and Wikileaks


Wikileaks.  State Secrets exposed by an arrogant ass.

Julian Assange.  The arrogant ass.

Sometimes the US government needs to be called out.  It’s true.  Our government is one 200 year old business concern.  We, the United States of America, are Capitalizm sometimes run amok.  I honestly believe that the educated of America wish to do what is right.  The majority of the educated in America.

The uneducated.  I don’t think they have a clue.  Most folks don’t have a notion of the events of the world.  Instead, concerning themselves with their daily survival and/or security.  And this is well and good.  For them.

Our educated.  Those who go out into the world.  Those who venture forth.  I think most are attempting to go out and make a positive mark on the Nation and the World.

Of course, some are attempting to strike their fortune and leave their mark.  Some are attempting to get theirs no matter the consequences.  Most, however, are attempting to stirke their fortunes while leaving a positive mark on the world.  Some succeed.  Others will fail.  Some will fail at everything except their final great accomplishment.  It’s the nature of the beast.  We try until we make it.

All that said, I think it is up to the people of the United States to correct our nation.  I don’t like an outsider taking it upon himself to “correct” us or to show us the truth.  I know full well the nature of the United States of America.  Our ills (slavery, Indian genocide, treatment of minorities up until the 80s, Vietnam, Mossadegh, the US Army and the CIA used as Mercenaries for Big Business)

We have been a the Nation of Big Business since our inception.  Along the way, we have done some good, though.  Much good.  As much, if not more than Britain.  And we did it without enslaving most of the world via colonialism.  We’ve done much more good than those other nations of Europe.  We’ve not caused several world wars as has Europe in the not too distant past.  We’ve not enslaved the masses with communism.  We’ve had our pit falls.  We’ve made our mistakes.  We’ve let our blood.  As have all nations.

People speak of Vietnam and Iraq in the same vein.  The two are nothing alike.  Anyone who actually reads a history book and who is not speaking in hyperbolic emotionalism knows this and admits this.  Yet, Iraq is a mistake.  Not this late invasion.  But our support of Saddam in the 80s and then our abandonment of him in the wake of his invasion of Kuwait.  We should have encouraged him to invade Saudia Arabia, depose the Saud Monarchy and to crush the Wahhabis in the Nejd.  That was our mistake.  Our further insanity was invading Iraq this time in lieu of invading Saudi Arabia and crushing the Nejd ourselves.  If the Saudis won’t do it, someone else must.

Back to Julian and Wikileaks.  I don’t like it.

He’s a supra-national party bent on exposing America for what he perceives as our crimes.  Who is this man who assumes the mantle of Judge, Jury and would be Executioner.

What do we know about him?

Who are his colleagues?  Who are his supporters?  Who backs this man?

What are his motives?

I don’t believe that he does all of this in the name of Global Peace.  I think there is more to it than we know at this moment.

In time, it will come out.

A friend thinks him a CIA front.  I don’t know if that was serious or in jest when the remark was made.

Julian Assange.  Wikileaks.  What are his motives?  Ulterior or otherwise.  I don’t trust European do gooders or Australians in that mold either.  They almost always have something to hide.

I don’t like an outsider meddling in our business.  The people of the US have the prerogative of cleaning up our own backyard.  Assange should aim his tactics at Europe.  They are not clean.  Yet, he seems to be concentrating on leaking US Intelligence and State secrets.

I won’t be surprised to see the guy disappear or floating in a river at some point.  I won’t mourn the loss either.

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