UK Football is a JOKE

I think it’s funny.

All of these football people who follow Kentucky have all of these reservations about UK playing Louisville.

All of these Joker apologists have all of these reservations about playing Louisville.


I thought UK Football had improved so much.

If it had improved so much, UK could and would take any challenge and super it.

Instead we have all of this talk about “is it worth it?”  All of these folks admitting that UK could lose a game like this.


UK has immensely improved in football.  Yet, with all of that improvement, it is still flat out MEDIOCRE.




UK Football is still sitting at roughly 11th place in the SEC and might have gone from a 150 to 200 ranked team to a 90-140 ranked team.


I don’t see much to celebrate.

Barely making .500 each year and barely making a Bowl Game.

Still can’t beat Florida.  Still can’t beat UT.

BUT HEY!  It’s exciting that UK can beat the decent to good SEC Teams when they are having a down year.

UK Football.

It’s a joke.

If there isn’t significant improvement in the Second Year of Joker, I think the guy should be fired.  Especially if there is a set back.  If UK doesn’t win at least 8 games next season, the Joke should be terminated.  Period.

I’m tired of being forced to cheer for 5th Rate Football.  I’m equally tired of the perenially lie that UK is coming up.  I’m tired of exhortations to believe.

Screw that…show me something.  Something.

And I’m not talking about 2nd rate bowls or winning at Tennessee when UT SUCKS!




We have the newest revolution from the mind of the Joke.

Operation 517

What an idiot!


2 comments on “UK Football is a JOKE

  1. David,

    Maybe I am too paranoid, but I suspect you may be baiting me with these comments. You know that,I, like so many UK basketball fans have only tolerated UK football. Mine was born in the days after Bear Bryandt and during a good football coach’s reign, Blanton Collier at Kentucky. Blanton could beat TN, but not hardly anybody else.

    My two years at UK around the calendar (1958-1961)were after a couple of years at Ohio University. I just didn’t like the third down punts that the SEC liked in the late fifties and early sixties and I didn’t get sold on UK fb. I, a Portsmouth Ohio guy, was alreasdy a UK basketball fan due to Adolph Rupp’s great success there.

    There is a lot of land, but not many boys to recruit in Kentucky. Recruiting is the toughest job for a UK football coach. UK has been playing A teams with B players. I believe that Joker and his predecessor have brought the fb fortunes up, principally in recruiting.

    Are you simply saying? “God give me patience, but I want it right now!”

    I say now is the time to be patient, young friend.

    • Sam, this is my blog. These are my thoughts. It’s a place where I can express myself without being censored. It’s my voice.

      Personally, I think that UK Football is a joke. Joker Philips is a JOKE.

      I mean exactly what I type here.

      It’s exactly how I feel about UK Football.

      I think it’s a joke that UK Football Fans are excited that UK may be able to finally defeat UT “because UT is down this year.” According to these fans, “this is ‘our’ chance” as UT Football is in disarray. If that is the only way that UK Football and it’s fans think that they can defeat UT Football after over two decades and all this “immense” improvement in the program, then UK Football is a JOKE.

      And the joke is on us. The Fans.

      Joker doesn’t have what it takes. His taking over did absolutely nothing to energize the program. He came in and the program actually fell a little in his first year. He either makes an impact soon or he needs to go.

      I ran out of patience after Hal Mumme.

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