Cordoba House at Ground Zero! Are People Really This Stupid?

Do you realize that this Cordoba House is funded by the Wahhabi Cult of Saudi Arabia?

Or are folks simply gullible enough to think that all Muslims are peaceful and take it at face value.

Even Muslims across the world fear the Wahhabis.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve traveled to almost every Islamic Republic across the Globe.  Muslims who are NOT Wahhabis regularly speak of their fear of this Saudi Cult.

Wahhabism is the official Religion of Saudi Arabia.  This Cordoba House is being funded by Wahhabi Islamic Charities and in large part by Saudi Arabia.

Wahhabism again is the Official Islamic Religion of Saudi Arabia.

Wahhabism is the most intolerant cult on this planet.

It is akin to Nazism.

Any Aemrican should find that repugnant.

In supporting the Cordoba house, one is effectively supporting what amounts to Islamic Nazism.

Millions of Muslims across the Globe are peaceful and generous citizens of the World.  This can not and will never be said of the Wahhabis.

Before folks go spouting their ignorant screed, they should learn something about the subject matter on which they so blithely and stupidly screech.

Learn.  Then speak.

Building this Mosque or House on American soil and especially at Ground Zero is exactly the same as building a Shrine to Raynald de Chatillion in Mekkah.

The Saudis would not let that happen.  Nor should we.

Now, go out and learn before you spout your hateful screed again.

8 comments on “Cordoba House at Ground Zero! Are People Really This Stupid?

  1. Osama has been so shrewdly criminal vs the USA. He loves irony. Bomb us then build a shrine to his cowardly multiple murderous scheme! What human could be proud of that?

  2. This is a new kind of racism , i think your previous crusaders are still with yu a gains muslims and Islam , the American soil is for all the Americans

    • A. It would be bigotry and not racism.

      B. Wahhabism is the ultimate in bigotry.

      Again, all Muslims are not Wahhabis. That said, all Wahhabis are bigots.

      Basically, you are saying that it is bigoted to make a stand against bigotry.

      Do you know anything about Wahhabism, the Saudi Religion or al Wahhab. I’d say look it up before you make a judgment. I am guessing that you’ve never taken the time to research the subject. You simply meander on through life in blythe and blissful ignorance.

      There is nothing American about Wahhabism. It’s the exact opposite of every and anything in our Constitution. They demand strict adherence to their version of Sharee’ah or Sharia…on pain of death.

      People who are ignorant of an issue should inform themselves before they speak out. That’s the problem with America today. Too many loud, ignorant and uninformed mouths running. No one bothers to learn anything.

      Is Saudi Arabia American? For they are the ones paying for this Mosque.

      Don’t trust me. I defy you to challenge me on this issue. I defy you to research Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia and tell me that what I wrote is incorrect.

      I’m going to assume that you are simply another lazy, loud mouth and that I’ll not hear from you again on this issue except for a possibly lame attempt to ignorantly accuse me of “racism.”

      Question: What race is a Muslim?

      Last I checked Islam was comprised of members of every race on earth. So which race am I being prejudiced against which would make my statements racist?

      Please be so kind as to enlighten me.

      I won’t hold my breath.

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