WAR by Sebastian Junger


My take on WAR by Sebastian Junger from a Political Forum to which I contribute (or decimate…depending on your view point…lol)

It’s a damn good read.

I read it in two days while drinking beers in Phnom Penh. I couldn’t put the damn thing down.

Closest thing I’ve ever read to being there. Though, I’ve never been in that kind of situation as those in the Korengal Valley. He gets the feel of Afghanistan and conveys it to the reader as flawlessly as it is possible to do on the written page.

Best book I’ve read about the Afghan War.

The guy captured it perfectly. It’s in the little nuances and in the way that he talks to the reader.

The story of those soldiers in that valley is well worth the read.

And Sebastion Junger has balls the size of Afghanistan. That guy voluntarily walked out and was airlifted into combat so that he could tell that story as authentically as possible.

While I was there, I went out with the expectation that I’d run into something. Sometimes we did, sometimes we didn’t. I never came close to what those guys experienced though. Not remotely close, I may as well have been on Mars as compared to their experience. BUT I NEVER went out there HOPING for contact. I was always hoping for as little action as possible.

Those guys in that Valley have my utmost respect for having been there and Junger too for writing that book.

Though, I didn’t go through the crucible that those guy have gone through, I know exactly what they are talking about when the express their apprehension to returning Stateside.

After being out there, there’s no way that living in America can measure up to the experience of being out there. Where life can be measured in inches and seconds and chance serves you as well (or as poorly) as preparation and planning.

I don’t know…I’m having a hard time not going on and on about this book.

If you are interested in Afghanistan or the Military, Read It!

If you are looking for a political hit book….this one isn’t your book.

I hope that no Republican types starts trying to target this book as Liberal writing and that no Democrat tries to hype it as an anti-War book. It’s so much more.

So much more…


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