The Muslim World

I like this. Except that I don't see any of them as scary. I see those labeled as scary as folks who need to be dealt with violently. Not all, but, those who would act violently against US.

On the Muslim World

Muslims see themselves as a community. They always have and always will. The only way to stop that is to kill all of them.  Christians think of themselves as a community as well.  Christendom is a concept only recently gone out of fashion. There are mentions of Christendom from the 19th Century, I know. Europe was still speaking of Christendom until only recently. I think Churchill mentions it a few times. That was the 20th Century.  It is not a foreign concept to think in terms of a World Wide Religious or Cultural community.  We think of the West. The West is Christian. No matter how greatly this is denied by atheists and secularists within the West.  The West is merely a more secular term for Christendom.  The West is as guilty of this kind of speak as is Islam.   The difference is that we, in the West, agree with Western Culture. We don’t see it as problem and arrogantly believe that the rest of the World should be overjoyed to join us.   Muslim lands. Christan lands. During World War I and at the end of World War I, “The West” celebrated the return of the “Holy Land” to it’s rightful Christian hands by virtue of it’s capture after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire encompassed most of what we now speak of as the Middle East. Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and a few others were part of the now defunct Ottoman Empire. This was considered the Muslim World or the Lands of the Mohamadens (Saracens) and spoken and written about as such by Christian or “Western” writers and historians.  That some in our era do not understand the concept of Muslim lands is fairly meaningless. The Great Tides of History are against their ignorance. It’s simply that they are ignorant of the history of the region. Not their fault.  Our schools are more interested in Political Correct thought processes than learning.  If one truly desires to rail against this concept and this ideology, though, one should at least be aware of this history.  Me, I don’t care what history says about Muslim lands. Prior to the Muslims, these lands were all Western (Roman) and/or Christian.  Not that Christians ruled them justly either.

History also shows us that the most violent and war like culture wins out in the end. The winners determine the future and control history.  Except in our current era, where idiotic pacifists, socialist, multi-culturalists and self defeatists in the West want to write history based strictly upon their feelings of guilt and ignorance of history.  They remind me of mini-Pol Pot or Mao Tse Tung pretenders.  The greatest threat to the West (Christendom) is not the Muslims or even Communist China. It is the 5th Column of corrupt leftists and extreme liberals within our own borders. In order to finally defeat the Islamic threat, we will need to defeat this 5th Column by making them irrelevant.

5 comments on “The Muslim World

  1. This is extremely interesting Dave. Is osama still living? Does he have a luxurious cave with many beautiuful women such as other Saudi upper class?

    I am happy that his popularity is shrinking.

  2. Turkey is not a whole Turkey now. Parts of Greece as well as Cyprus were once part of Turkey. They lost these lands. In the end, Turkey will probably lose more lands. The tides of history are against you Mohammed. The people of Saladin want their own lands. The Kurds will become a nation.

    How will you feel if/when the Kurds start to use Extremist tactics against their fellow Muslims after the fashion of the Palestinians?

    How will Turkish citizens feel if/when Kurds start to use tactics such as suicide bombings and launching Katyusha rockets into Turkish cities in order to agitate for their autonomy and eventual independence?

    Do you support the actions of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? Will you support those same actions when they are targeted at Muslims by Muslims?

    The Kurds want their independence in the exact same way that Palestinians want their independence. Funny how that subject never comes up when Muslims speak of the Palestinian cause.


  3. Hi,

    I am the picture editor of a small non-commercial student publication called The Ricardian.

    I would like to use the Middle East flag map cartoon in this article for our magazine – would you be able to grant us permission to use it? If you do not own the copyright, please may you point me in the direction of the person or company that does?

    Please email me back on as soon as possible as the print deadline is fast approaching.

    Thank you very much,

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