MRAP and a Horsedrawn Buggy ~ Herat, Afghanistan June 2009

MRAP and Horse and BuggyThis is life in Afghanistan.  The people there live in a strange twilight between the ancient world and the modern.  Modern day Jet Fighters, Airliners and UAVs passover villages whose inhabitants live in Mud and Thatch huts.  Some of these folks might even have a TV jerry rigged to a small 3.5 kw generator.  These are the “rich folks” of the village.  Most of the men of the police force who come to train at the RTC live on mud floors or in caves outside of their village.  To marry. one must pay a dowry.  These folks ride horses and donkeys.  They carry their goods and belongings to and from the bazaar or home in donkey carts or horse drawn wagons.

They still judge travel there in days rather than hours.

Not all.  A goodly portion of Afghanis, though, travel in this way.  Even when a motor vehicle is involved, travel that in America or Europe would take a few hours can sometimes take a day or two and sometimes more.  There is also the danger of bandits and taliban gangs on the roads.  Caution is needed and a good ear for trouble.

It’s a strange place.  It’s also an enchanted land where anything might happen.  Good or bad.

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