John Calipari is a Recruiting God!


With Terrence Jones joining the roster for 2010, Cal brings in his 2nd Number One Class in a row.  2nd Number One Class in two years at the helm of UK.  2 Years, 2 Number One Classes.  More than likely, next year will see the Number One Class as well.

Now, he needs to build continuity for the decade and I need to secure some Final Four tickets for the Next Few Years.


And then there is John Wall


#1 Draft Pick of the 2010 Draft

“I think there’s no question John is by far the most dynamic player in the draft,” Saunders said. “He’s probably one of the most dynamic guards to come out in a while, when you combine his athleticism, his ability to defend and the speed that he has. A lot of times when players come into our league, you’re trying to develop a guy into a point guard.

“Sometimes you’re trying to change him from maybe a guy that was a scorer and more of a shooting guard in college to a point guard who tries to run a team. Whereas John is definitely a guy that is definitely a point guard. He averaged a lot of assists at Kentucky and pretty much dominated games with his ability to make plays for other players.”

One comment on “John Calipari is a Recruiting God!

  1. These are the good times for UK basketball fans, Dave! Your comments are right on! Mr. Brizendine is having a good year!

    I hope we can welcome you back!


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