Mosque to be opened just steps away from Ground Zero in New York City

The five-story building at Park Place, just two blocks north of the former World Trade Center site, was the site of a Burlington Coat Factory. But a plane’s landing-gear assembly crashed through the roof on the day 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked the airliners and flew them into the Twin Towers in 2001.

I suppose if the owners are NOT Wahhabists and have nothing to do with the Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, then, I’d have no problem with it. Apparently, though, the Saudis have a major stake in it. I’m opposed to that.

I like this suggestion:

I have a simple, elegant, and deeply moral solution. Let the Islamic Cultural Center be built. Let the mosque be included. But, the Muslim organizations building it should commit right now to making the principal focus of the building a museum depicting the rise of Islamic extremism, its hate-based agenda, and how it is an abomination to Islam. The museum would feature exhibits showing the major fomenters of Islamic hatred worldwide and the cultural and religious factors that have gained them so wide a following. It would have exhibitions on some of the terrible atrocities committed by these Islamic fundamentalists, focusing specifically on the slaughter at Ground Zero on 9/11. The Islamic Center would have a major exhibition on the evil of Osama bin Laden, detailing his crimes against humanity and the number of innocent people he has killed. Most importantly, the museum would repudiate these haters by showing how their actions are an abomination to authentic Islamic teaching and how every G-d-fearing Muslim has a responsibility to spit them out.

I would have absolutely no problem with that. I’d travel to see that and support it. THAT will not happen, though. The Saudis will not allow it. Barack Obama, like every President since FDR, will appease the Saudis on this issue. This mosque will be created and eventually, it will be used to preach against all that we hold dear. This! Mere steps away from Ground Zero.

I am opposed to that.

The Saudis along with their support for and proliferation of Wahhibism should be ended.  I fully advocate a Nuclear option for Wahhabism, the Nejd, Riyadh and any Saudi Royalty strong hold.

The Democratic Nations of the World will eventually need to face the fact that we are financing our worst enemy in the Saudi Kingdom. The Saudis are, by far, a greater danger than Iran. It’s not even close. The Saudis don’t need a Nuke to hurt us. They have millions of fanatics who are hell bent on bringing the West and Democracy down. They also have our deliberate obtuseness in the face of the threat that they pose as well as our greed. These are powerful tools that can and are used against us.

In any case, building a mosque so near ground zero and opening it on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 seems on the face of it to be extremely incongruous. But! That’s America in a nutshell. Liberty and Freedom.

We have Muslims here who are actually part of America and love it here. Those persons should not suffer due to the lunacy of insane men and our stupidity in supporting the Saudi funded and proliferated evil that is Wahhabism.

8 comments on “Mosque to be opened just steps away from Ground Zero in New York City

  1. “Nuking” is strong, Dawood. We must opose rather than support though. The mosque is irony that makes osama belly laugh.

    I don’t want to see nukes again but we can’t be sure they are not right around the corner. From the good air we breathe to radiated earth. I never want to see that, friend. “Oceans 11” from fiction to truth.


    Mosque to be opened just steps away from Ground Zero in New York City

    • When I say “nuclear option” I mean that we need to take out the Saudis once and for all. I don’t necessarily mean using a Nuke on them. Though, I wouldn’t oppose nuking the Nejd.

    • The Nejd and the NWFP should be cleared of all humanity and all Wahhabis should be hunted down and exterminated. This is not the first time that these disgusting pieces of human filth have emerged from their caves.

  2. Interesting. I just wrote about this mosque and have been trying to figure out what the average person thinks about this controversy and groundbreaking on Sept. 11 2011!

  3. I am for freedom of religion however a mosque at ground zero is difusting! It was Muslims who killed and brought the towers down. How will that honor those dead. This is the cruelest thing I’ve heard and can’t but blame a major politician for such a sick idea. Lives didn’t end there two wars have taken Americans. Please someone stop this joke!

  4. There must be freedom of religion in this country.
    Just because those terrorists have been ‘claimed’ to be muslims doesn’t mean ALL muslims must be treated like they are terrorists too. They are not terrorising anyone by building a place of their beliefs. And I doubt they planned to build it there out of malice.
    Does it matter wether is a street away from ground zero or not? there’s millions of them in this country anyways, the country those terrorists tried to bring down. Respect one another’s religions, after all, why are we in this country for? this is coming from a former Mormon.

    • What does being a former Mormon have to do with anything?

      If there is transparency, I have no problem with it. If they are merely another front for some terrorist group, they should be shut down. I don’t trust the greasy guy who is coordinating the whole thing.

      I’ve lived and worked among Muslims for over a decade now. I know the Muslim world and it’s culture better than most Americans. I’ve eaten their food. I’ve slept in their beds. I’ve cruised bars with them. I’ve gone to Mosque with them.

      Islam in it’s current format is incompatible with the West. Any study of Muslim Culture will show the truth of that statement.

      For instance, compare Turkey to Iran and how they arrived at their current stations.

      Freedom of Religion is one thing. This does not give one the right to set up a terrorist network in the US in the guise of a Mosque.

      This Cordoba House may or may not be a front. The public will probably never know the truth of it. I’d bet that it will one da be implicated in some form of terrorism.

      There are many peaceful and liberty loving Muslims. I have put my life in their hands on many occasions. I know there are good Muslims with a certitude few people in the West can have. I simply do not see this Cordoba House as a true representative of these Muslims.

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