Walking around Camp Stone on a Friday morning

Art for Unny's Bangkok Cafe

I walked over the bazaar to say a final farewell to a friend.  Hossein sells bootleg DVDs at Coalition Camps all over Herat.  I’ve run into him all over the place.  Primarily at the RTC, Camp Stone and Camp Arena.  I’ve seen him tooling around downtown Herat once or twice as well.  We struck up a friendship of sorts over the past couple of years.  So I stopped by to say farewell.

While I was doing that, I ran into the Tea Pot.  Unny wants to have a small cafe in Bangkok.  So I figured it would make a nice piece to display at such a place.  I picked it up for her.  It’s inlaid with turquoise, lapis and some kind of red stone.  I like it.  It’s a nice little piece that I think she’ll like as well.  It’s decorated with figures from Hindu and Buddhist mythology which ties in nicely with Thailand.  Garuda is front and center in the picture.

The other pics are just random shots taken as I waswalking about the bazaar area and the camp.

12 comments on “Walking around Camp Stone on a Friday morning

  1. Can’t wait to visit the cafe in Thailand! Amd see Unny’s teapot displayed with others that you have collected over the years. I will send teapots for the cafe. Love and Miss, Momma

  2. Hi there, I’m currently heading out to Camp Stone. Would you be so kind to provide as to provide some details of the living conditions?? I see theres a Green Beans so it can’t be too bad … how is sleeping, civialian internet, … that sort of thing??

    Thank you,

    • Dude, it’s been over a year since I’ve been there.

      They didn’t have a Green Bean when I was there. The only thing they had was an Italian Pizza joint and a Blue (ISAF PX), plus a barber. Internet was sketchy. When we left, the net deal that MPRI had fell apart. So no idea what is going on there with that now.

      When I was there it was a cool, laid back post.

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