We Are The World ~ Haiti

Personally, I like it.  They updated it and signed on artists who will ensure great sales.

I don’t get the criticism of this effort. I liked the hip hop portion of the song.  This is a more contemporary tune with current music stars.  That will only help sales.

Anything that is done will be criticized by someone, though.

The only thing that I don’t like about the song is that it highlighted how out of touch I am with the States these days.  I didn’t know who half of the artists were.  I was amazed at the voices of Jennifer Hudson and Celine Dion.

I wish the endeavor success and I hope that the monies raised go towards helping the right people.

14 comments on “We Are The World ~ Haiti

  1. It’s poop! I didn’t recognize half of them either so its not a matter of being out of the country. We’re just old man. I hated the hip hop part of it.


      I liked the updated version of the song though. I liked the hip hop version of it with the exception of the Kanye West portion. And I usually like KWs work.

      If you don’t like Jesus Walks, you just don’t want to like it. Not you Terry Jr. I’m speaking in generalities. That’s an awesome song. The message hits home. Hits the nail square on the head.

  2. Davey my dear friend…i love the effort but they should have named it something else. with all the creative minds behind the song, someone should have known better than attempting to redo a classic with rappers no less. being the hip hop enthusiast that i am, i was horrified at the artist line up. i’m sure that it’ll sell strictly to benefit the cause but some things should be better left untouched.

    • I agree with you there. But! they didn’t


      So you got what you got…

      I’m not going to treat some pop tune as sacred, though.

      My apologies…it was a nice little ditty but it wasn’t earth shattering and I’m no MJ worshipper either.

      So twas just a song to me.

      I kind of dig alternative version of things.

      I even like the alternative UK jerseys that most UK fans hate. lol

      If the Spice girlies did a remake of Magic Man, I’d just send it to Katrina and laugh. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

      • Ok, now why does our old Afghan work days and my friend MAGIC HANDS have to be involvd in this TOPIC of bad hits???LMAO..I love you two

  3. just imagine the spice girls “updating” your favorite Heart records (you use to play in the office) or fergie updating janis joplin. hmmmm…doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? lol.

    i understand what they wanted to do & its easy for me to sit back & criticize but overall i like the song by jay-z & bono better (could’ve did without rhi-rhi’s nails on the chalkboard hook but you cant get everything you want, lol). but it was original though.

    j-hud was a dropped from a idol a few yrs ago but proves that talent can beat marketing (on occasion, lol). guess i should’ve sent you an email, lol.

  4. You tell’em Terry! the original wasn’t because of sacred because of mj. it was just a classic collection talented artist with vocal range versus lil’ wayne & t-pain singing with autotune. That song is “poop” buddy & everyone knows it. sing a new song & just send money. hannah montanna, akon and the little guy that opened the song…(insert my “GTFOH” face)

    Magic Hands, rofl. whatever happen to him and smeagal?

  5. Ok, now after reading the posts…I MUST vastly agree with Dorian on this one DAVE..some songs/hits or memoirs shoud NOT be touched!!! The originl has soul, class, harmony, TALENT and most importanty HEART! This 2010 version sucks!! People were just on this cut for the **** of it. With all the talent that was present it could have sounded better or maybe even named something DIFFERENT like “FOR the LOVE OF HAITI”.. or something..lol..Even my husband says that it sounded like a BLOCK PARTY!!I mean I dig COUNTRY music..My favorite in the original was Kenny Rodgers..was Miley Cyrus suppose to be the county substitution???? COME ON man!!!LMAO

  6. LMAO!! My favorite part of the original was the Boss (and I usually can’t stand him), him and that aweful O-face he makes when he really gets into a song. I agree with you Katrina, this version was souless and about as vapid as Tiger Wood’s delivery of his apology.


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