Louisville Snow Panic!

I remember growing up in Louisville and when the snows came there was always an air of panic.

Everyone would run down to Kroger to buy Milk and Bread.

Never understood it.

Later, when I was working out at Fort Knox, I owned a Camaro. I’d drive home from work in a “snowstorm.” I had a Camaro with bald tires in one snow storm. The funniest thing is that I drove home to the Crescent Hill area from Fort Knox. I can’t count the number of 4WD SUVs that I passed stuck on the side of the road.

Louisville is insane when it snows.

4 comments on “Louisville Snow Panic!

  1. The weather is the USA news that keeps on giving….(i.e. panic)

    My favorite, acouple of years ago…while watch the 6PM news in Raleigh the lead story was:
    “Careful tonight and tomorrow it is going to be BREZZY “!!!! OMFG!

  2. Oh yes, it is going to be interesting this Tuesday. The are calling for up to 7 inches or a possible ice storm. I have a doctor’s appointment at Ft Knox. I just hope they don’t close Ft Knox like they did last week. I heard on the radio the same thing happens in Washington DC, as soon as someone said snow the Federal Workers go home and you get around in the stores.

  3. David, it is snowing, there is more than 1 snow flake, it keeps coming and the city hasn’t changed. Although, I have to admit they are doing better with the roads…BUT I HATE SNOW! I remember when I was a kid, we went to school not matter how much it snowed. A lot different now, kids stay home when there is just an inch.

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