Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ~ Obama and the US Military

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is a moronic policy.  It was a farce from the start.  I knew several gay and lesbian persons while in the Military.  Their sexuality never posed a problem in carrying out their duties.  I didn’t know many people who had a problem with them.

Prohibitions against homosexuals in the Military should be removed period.  Sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with ones ability to accomplish the mission.  Forcing one to hide ones sexuality and the pressures involved in that endeavor causes unnecessary stress on military persons who may be deployed to already stressful environs.

If your religion carries with it a belief that homosexuality is wrong or an abomination, you should express that belief and the angst involved in the Church, Temple, Mosque or Synagogue.  Leave it there and come to work ready to accomplish the mission.  Your religion has no place on the job.  It belongs in your heart.  Leave it there.

Personally, I believe that Christianity and Islam should be purged from the face of the earth.

I leave that belief at the door when I go to work.

If you believe in God and are Christian, you are supposed to believe in free will.  It’s a fundamental part of the message of Christ.  You are supposed to love your fellow man.  Regardless.  It’s the Golden Rule.

If you are Muslim, well, you probably believe that homosexuals are an abomination and that they should submit to the will of Allah.   Even so, Mohammad and Allah say to leave the judgment of souls to Allah.

The Constitution guarantees religious freedom.  It does not guarantee that you won’t be offended by the beliefs, lives or practices of others.  It guarantees that you and others can express yourselves religiously as you see fit.  It does not give you the right to force your beliefs on others.  It does not give you the right to force others to conform their lives in accordance with your mythological deity.

Homosexuality is strange to me as well.  I don’t get it.  I don’t have to get it. Nether do you. As long as they can do their jobs, so be it.  Let them in, let them be.

One comment on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ~ Obama and the US Military

  1. well said Dave…I don’t get it either…but that is someone else’s life and not mine…do a job or leading your life respectful that other have different beliefs custons and practices should be a hallmark of a knowledgeable man(or woman)

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