Facebook ~ Patrick Patterson

https://i0.wp.com/a.espncdn.com/photo/2008/0229/ncb_u_ppatterson_300.jpg“To the entire Big Blue Nation.. Do not talk to me or message me about the performances of myself & my teammates OR question our talent, pride, or love for this University.”  ~ Patrick Patterson

Established.  Some UK fans are retards.  Idiots.  Morons.  Call them what you will.  Anyone who would go on the board/page of a UK player and talk smack to one of the Athletes on the team or any team for that matter is a low life piece of  human trash.  They deserve their trailer park lives.  If you know the guy(s), it’s one thing.  If you’re a fan, get off the stalking vibe and let these dudes live their lives.  Give ’em room.  Let them breath.  Especially after a loss.

I’ve got a few choice words that I’d like to use to any moron who went onto Facebook and was talking smack to Patrick Patterson or any of the team.  I like to keep this site PG rated, so I’ll not post it here.  Gimme some face time with one of these cyber-tards and I guarantee I’ll make the little punk cry.


3 comments on “Facebook ~ Patrick Patterson

  1. Absolutely!!! Not sure if you saw the messages left for Patrick or not, but it was a bunch of middle aged jerks questioning a young mans heart. The same young man that turned down millions from the NBA to come back to UK.

    I, like you, would love about 5 minutes alone with some of these dirtbags. Anybody that has talked to Patrick for any length of time will tell you he has a deep love for UK and the fans. Too bad the actions of a few cast a negative light on the rest!!

    Idiots? Morons? Retards? Agree on all three, but I have a few more select names for them.

  2. Sounds like a couple morons made some idiotic decisions and posted on his facebook page. I expect some are members of another Wildcat support forum as well!

  3. I hope that this bush-league type of “UK FAN” never rears it’s disgusting and CLUELESS head again. And if it does…and you know who you are, I hope someone punches you in your shit.

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