Coach BOOBY Knight

1976 — Upset over two turnovers in a Big Ten game, Knight grabs sophomore Jim Wisman by the jersey and jerks him into his seat.

1979 — Knight is charged and later convicted in absentia for hitting a policeman before practice at the Pan American Games in Puerto Rico.

1980 — Playfully fires a blank shot at a reporter. A week later, Knight and his wife take turns chiding an Assembly Hall crowd for not cheering enough during a game.

1981 — Uses his weekly program to show films of a “sucker punch” involving Isiah Thomas and Purdue’s Roosevelt Barnes, which he said proved Thomas’ innocence. Brought a donkey wearing a Purdue cap onto his TV show. In Philadelphia for the Final Four, Knight gets into a shoving match with an LSU fan, who says the coach stuffed him into a garbage can.

1983 — Knight criticizes Big Ten officiating by standing at midcourt and cursing at Big Ten Commissioner Wayne Duke, who is in the press box. Two days later, Knight assails the referees for the “worst officiating I have seen in 12 years.”

1985 — Tosses a chair across the court during a game against Purdue, prompting his ejection and a one-game suspension.

1986 — Receives technical foul for shouting at the officials during a game against Illinois, then kicks a megaphone and admonishes Indiana cheerleaders for disrupting a free-throw attempt by Steve Alford.

1987 — Bangs fist on the scorer’s table after being assessed a technical foul during a game against LSU. NCAA fines university $10,000, and Knight receives a reprimand. Refuses to let his team finish an exhibition game against the Soviet Union after he was ejected for arguing with a referee. He’s later reprimanded by the university.

1988 — In an NBC interview with Connie Chung, who asked how he handles stress, Knight says: “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” He explains he was talking about something beyond one’s control, not the act of rape.

1991 — Asks not to be renominated to the Basketball Hall of Fame, calling the voters’ rejection of him in 1987 a “slap in the face.” Nevertheless, he was elected and inducted into the Hall. Publicly feuds with Illinois coach Lou Henson, who called him a “classic bully” who thrived on intimidation. Bars a female Associated Press reporter from the locker room, saying it was inappropriate for her to be there and also against university policy. All reporters subsequently were barred from the locker room.

1992 — Gives a mock whipping to Calbert Cheaney, a black player, during practice for the NCAA West Regional, offending several black leaders. Knight denies any racial connotations and notes the bullwhip was given to him by the players.

1993 — Is suspended for one game after a sideline tirade in a 101-82 victory over Notre Dame in which he screams at his player son, Pat, and kicks at him. When fans behind the Indiana bench boo, Knight turns and responds with an obscenity.

1994 — Head-butts Sherron Wilkerson while screaming at him on the bench but says it was unintentional. After the next game, the Hoosiers’ home finale against Wisconsin, Knight takes the public address microphone and recites a profane verse directed at his critics.

1995 — Is reprimanded and fined $30,000 by the NCAA for an outburst at a news conference at NCAA tournament. Upset that an NCAA media liaison erroneously says he would not attend the news conference, Knight lashes out at him.

1998 — Is fined $10,000 by the Big Ten for berating referee Ted Valentine, whose officiating Knight calls “the greatest travesty” he had seen in his coaching career. Knight receives three technical fouls and is ejected by Valentine during the second half of a loss to Illinois.

1999 — Is investigated for possible battery after allegedly choking a man at a restaurant. The man reportedly confronted Knight as he was leaving, contending he heard Knight make a racist remark. Prosecutor refuses to file charges. Assistant Ron Felling is fired after Knight allegedly throws him out of a chair after hearing him criticize the program.

2000 — Is investigated in March by university after former player Neil Reed says Knight choked him at a practice in 1997. In May, Knight’s suspended for three games, ordered to pay a $30,000 fine and barred from having physical contact with a player or university employee by IU President Myles Brand after an investigation found a pattern of inappropriate behavior. Is accused on Sept. 7 of grabbing a student by the arm, cursing and lecturing him about manners after the coach was addressed “Hey, Knight, what’s up?” Three days later, Knight’s fired for violating “zero-tolerance” policy and for what university President Myles Brand calls a “pattern of unacceptable behavior.”

2001 — General manager at the Compaq Center in Houston says Knight, now coach at Texas Tech, offered to fight him over remarks the coach made about the arena’s locker room — it “would have been very, very cramped with four midgets.”

2003 — Launches into a profanity-filled tirade after an ESPN reporter asks about his relationship with former player Steve Alford, who also was participating in the interview. Alford’s Iowa team was playing Texas Tech in Dallas. Knight later apologized.

2004 — Gets into a loud verbal spat with Texas Tech’s chancellor at an upscale Lubbock grocery store. Is reprimanded — but not suspended — by the university.

2006 — Approaches Michael Prince, using his hand to push his chin, apparently in an effort to get him to look up while talking to Knight during a timeout.

Mister Integrity!  I wish the old bastard would try to choke me.  I knock his old ass into next week.

This is the chump who wants to talk about integrity.  Please tell me he was talking about himself.

Hey Knight!  YOU ARE A LOSER!

1962: Trips guidance counselor in hallway while coaching Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio) High School. County school board declines action; Knight praises “good no-call.”

1974: Pulls gun on Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall with 6:28 left in game. Hall, initially outraged, apologizes afterward when Knight shows him gun had only one bullet in chamber.

1974: Meets with 17-year-old Larry Bird on Indiana campus at 4:16 p.m. CT. Bird sprints off-campus and arrives at Indiana State on foot at 4:19 p.m. CT.

1975: Breaks top scorer Scott May’s right arm at halftime vs. Purdue, then convinces him to play second half to display “toughness.” May is largely ineffective but Indiana wins 72-69.

1978: Attacks and knocks out Indiana’s sports information director during an otherwise non-physical disagreement over sports information.

1979: Arrested for assaulting police officer at Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. “If hitting a cop in a third-rate island nation is an issue,” Knight famously says, “then I’m visiting the wrong country.”

1981: Stuffs LSU fan into garbage can at hotel. Knight says he would’ve thrown him into parking lot but did not want to violate stringent municipal anti-littering laws.

1982: Yells maniacally at ESPN’s Dick Vitale, but, as luck would have it, at that very moment Vitale is also yelling maniacally and does not hear a word that Knight says.

1985: Kicks megaphone during Illinois game. Megaphone is removed from arena immediately.

1985: Tosses chair across court during Purdue game because he’s tired of sitting in it. Suspended one game.

1993: Kicks at his son Pat during victory over Notre Dame and responds to booing fans with a Redd Foxx impersonation. Suspended one game.

1993: Disgusted by team’s 22 turnovers in road loss to Illinois, robs a string of convenience marts in tri-state area. Suspended one game.

1994: Bangs fist on scorer’s table vs. Ohio State after rereading Chapter 17 of “A Season on the Brink.”

1994: While viewing “Hoosiers” in Bloomington, Ind., theater, stomps on patron two rows behind him who is talking during crucial town hall meeting to decide coach Dale’s fate.

1994: Accidentally head-butts Sherron Wilkerson while screaming at him on bench; says he only meant to scratch his eyes out.

1997: Accidentally chokes Neil Reed in practice while demonstrating proper defensive footwork.

1999: Accidentally throws assistant Ron Felling out of a chair, then — after allowing Felling back onto the chair — fires him.

1999: Throws a vase at a university secretary; says he was aiming for the university president.

1999: Allegedly chokes man at restaurant who beats Knight to the kitchen’s last order of cheddar ‘n’ chives potato skins.

2000: Accidentally grabs, curses and lectures student who had addressed the coach, “Hey, what’s up Knight?”

2000: Heaves ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap into Hudson River after Schaap asks about alleged 1947 dodge-ball incident.

2004: Has loud spat with Texas Tech chancellor David Smith at Lubbock grocery store, near the frozen-food aisle. Smith leaves with no groceries.

2005: During “Knight School” taping, cold cocks ESPN makeup artist who tries to apply blush to his left cheek. He then knees ESPN audio engineer who asks for a second take of profanity-laced tirade.

2005: Cracks open the head of a mannequin with a baseball bat while shopping at Sports Authority. Charges dismissed after he explains he mistook the mannequin for a former Big Ten referee.

2006: Improves Michael Prince’s chin posture.


2 comments on “Coach BOOBY Knight

    • I love my Cats.

      I know the history.

      I, also, know that other programs have “history” as well. Those histories have been covered up or ignored by the NCAA. The primary culprit being UCLA. Duke is in there too. I don’t believe for a minute that UNC is as pristine as you fans of that program declare. It’s highly improbable. Quite possibly, IMPOSSIBLE!

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