Random Photos

I bought this Statue of Jayavarman VII in Cambodia in December of 2008.  Carried it to Afghanistan and it’s been in my room here in Herat since.  I’m going to leave it in Afghanistan.  Just wanted to leave a piece of Cambodia behind in this country.  The Taliban and the Khmer Rouge similarly wrecked their respective countries and set them back decades in progress and education.  To me, it’s a similar tale.  I’ve pretty much decided to give this statue to MG Akrummuddeen.  Hoping he will keep it in his office.  That would be pretty cool.

These candies were an Eid gift form Wahid.  I’m going to send them home to my Momma.  The tins depict the Minarets of Herat.  I think that ‘s awesome.  These remind me of the candy tins that my Grandmother used to have at her house when I was a kid.

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