Ten Loss Tubby ~ Kentucky Traitor

Here he is in all his glory.  Coach of the Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

Any Kentucky Fan who still cheers for this guy is an idiot.  They should be driven out of the Big Blue Nation or hell, we should tar and feather the losers.  I’m so tired of getting on Kentucky boards only to see some moron has posted a link to a Golden Gophers board or a new link to a Golden Gopher game/win.   Here’s a hint ~  No one cares.  If you want to cheer for Traitor Tubby, take your sorry ass to a Minnesota Golden Gophers Board.  I’m sure they’ll welcome your sorry ass with open arms.

They’re especially notorious for this over at Wildcatnation.net.  Several posters over there love to slobber all over Tubby each time he’s brought into a conversation.  Then they wonder why people get annoyed by them and their Tubby erotica.   I swear to God.  In a full moon, these idiots probably get together and have orgies under a Tubby Shrine.  Lube themselves up and in a grotesque scene straight out of hell, they worship Tubby by sacrificing poor little gophers which they’ve painted gold with paint purchased on special at Walmart.  I’m sure UKBOOB leads them in their sacrificial prayer and is the first to strip down and rub himself all over the TLT statue and drink the golden gopher blood.

Bunch of Damn Losers!

Honestly, I’ve got nothing against the Tubster since he did the right thing and skulked out of town leaving all the problems that he created behind for someone else to fix.  Now that’s real class.  lol  But his slobbering and adoring leftovers at UK, I wish he’d come down and lead them away like a bandwagon driving pied piper.  We don’t need the bandwagon chumps in the Big Blue Nation.


Here they are planning the TLT orgy ritual.


The TLT Orgy hunting party chasing gophers in Eastern Kentucky.  Once they catch the poor critters, they’ll paint them Minnesota Gold.  Afterward, they’ll lop off their little heads and smear themselves with the sacred Golden Gopher blood as a sacrifice at the Tubby altar in the post orgy festivities.

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