Stress Management and Other Random Inanities

One of my Uncles emailed me last night and made the following remark:

I think you have been out of this country too long.  Also, you must have a lot of time on your hands, because you write a lot of, for lack of a better word…….Shit!

I apologize for not believing everything that a random bigot forwards in an email.  I will endeavor to do better next time.   I simply don’t believe in forwarding ignorance or hate.  I, also, refuse to label a whole group of people based upon the actions of a minority.  Perhaps, he’s right.  If I hadn’t spent so much time overseas, I might be ignorant enough to blindly hate Mexicans, Homosexuals, Black People  and Muslims.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

(Nowhere in that statement do I mention America nor do I claim that all Americans are bigots or racist. America is an overwhelmingly open and accepting community. There are pockets of ignorance in America. I refer to those places above. Interesting that I would have to explain this.)


On an unrelated note, this morning I was sent this by a friend.  I think it’s a message from the Gods.  This is hilarious.


Finally, a comment from Eric Bledsoe after tonight’s game against Morehead State:

“Me and John we just attack the rim at all times,” he said. “We just attack.”

This is why I’m going to make this years SEC Tournament even if it kills me.


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