Kentucky Sports Radio

For the past couple of years, I don’t know where I’d be without you guys.

Thanks for all the information, game previews, game recaps and all the other stuff that you guys do on the blog.

I’ve been overseas for a while now and without you guys, I’d be blind on Kentucky Sports.

P.S.  WildcatRick hooks me up, too  (so don’t get sulky Rick…lol)


One comment on “Kentucky Sports Radio

  1. The lyrics to the Official Wildcat Basketball Anthem approved by Jay-Z are below and the YouTube video and download link are below as well: Comment and like the song on YouTube!

    Ay Big Homie… started this, right?
    (My favorite hue is Jay-Z Blue and White)
    You took that fine for the squad, so let me finish it off

    Verse 1:
    Say we ball so hard, Kenny scout the best/
    Orlando top ten on the trek catching wins(wind) no rest/
    Terrence lucky with the left like Hov to the Net/
    To the point like Teague, ?Official as a ref/
    (Wildcat ball) Ferious Felines/
    Cal been around them since 2000/
    75% percent but whose counting/
    Ball hard like you can’t bounce it/
    (Wildcat ball) Jay-Z blue and white/
    Kentucky Brons, Hov spent the fine on a flight/
    Ant Davis Chi like Ye is, No Bull like D. Rose in Lexington/
    It’s like sequels we nexting them, Watch AP for positioning/
    That’ll be Audemar or Associated Press, both should have the numbers correct/
    (Wildcat ball)?Big Blue Nation
    Lambo(Lamb) through the lane like a ghini racing/
    Collegiate throne we on it, in Rupp performing/
    Uncle Wes on the wood in them sick J’s/
    (Wildcat Ball) Freshmen with senior swag thats word to Darius Miller/
    Wildcat basketball, bait us with any team, we gon get’em

    (Wildcat Ball) We got game, that’s our ring, that’s our ring?
    (Wildcat Ball) That’s our ring, we got game, that’s our ring

    Verse 2:
    Am I my brothers keeper I need that answer solved/
    I say sure just Watch Mike Kidd-Gillie ball/
    A Perfect Season we done prayed for it all/
    You feel the draft not cause its cold because they pros/
    (Wildcat Ball) That’s our ring, Ain’t it Jay?/
    (Wildcat Ball) who that scoring, whoever play/
    (Wildcat Ball) OG and Kyser here this an important game/
    (Wildcat Ball) Act like King James logo ain’t stitched up in the seams/
    The lights is on, focused camera lens/
    Rod Strick say finish that breakfast quick/
    Excuse Niketown Kyle, ?but he scoring again…
    I’m just saying/
    Other teams dont do it right missing spots like blemishes/
    Especially since TJ scoring 52 in scrimmages/
    What’s Gucci to Louis, or Yo fans boo you/
    What’s the throne at the Grammys the Wildcats as one of the final two/
    Only can be one winner, No charges, we just killing
    Got them Cats in Kentucky but they going gorillas huh?!



    Download Link:

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