John Wall ruled Eligible for NCAA Amateur Status

From the UKAA website:

Oct. 30, 2009

LEXINGTON, Ky. – University of Kentucky men’s basketball student-athlete John Wall has been certified with conditions by the NCAA. The conditions are repayment of expenses and a two-game withholding, including the first exhibition game versus Campbellsville (Nov. 2) and the first regular-season game against Morehead State (Nov. 13).

Wall, a 6-4 freshman point guard from Raleigh, N.C., was one of five freshmen on the Naismith Preseason watch list. A pre-season All-American according to several national publications, Wall was the top recruit in the country last season according to

“I’m grateful to have this decision behind me. All I ever wanted was to go to school and play ball with my team,” said UK freshman John Wall. “This has been really hard for my mom and I want to thank her for her support during this process.”

The repayment of expenses includes a total of $787.58, consisting predominantly of travel expenses incurred during Wall’s unofficial visits to various institutions during his junior year at Word of God Christian Academy.

“We’re appreciative of the process and the NCAA’s willingness to listen,” said UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart. “The NCAA staff worked to keep the welfare of the student-athlete in mind throughout this process. I’m happy for Coach Calipari and John Wall that he will get a chance to represent the Wildcats this season. He’s a great young man and deserves to be able to concentrate fully on his academics and basketball.”

John Wall is a great kid who always tries to do the right thing and his mother is a great lady,” said UK head coach John Calipari. “I’m just happy this is behind us.”

John Wall must repay 757.58 USD to his former AAU Coach.  His AAU Coach was a registered, though, inactive agent.  It’s a bunch of hogwash.  The archaic NCAA rule book, though, is full of idiotic rules.

A Duke player can be paid.  A USC player can be paid.  ZERO repercussions to the program.  Those two incidents were proven and the parties involved even publically admitted to the facts and allegations.  A player is alleged to have cheated on an SAT.  No proof mind you.  The NCAA lays down sanctions.

What is the difference between what occurred at Duke and that which occurred at UMASS.

One thing:  Coach K!

That is the only difference.  Had it been any other coach or any other program and that Final Four banner would be gone from the official records.  Oh yeah, and most of the press would be writing articles about it and how it’s the end of the world for Amateurism.  Coach K could personally pay players.  Get caught red handed.  On video.  Deny it.  The NCAA would claim that it had no proof against him.

This time next year, I’m sure that the NCAA will re-open the investigation on John Wall.  I’m sure that they’ll find something that they missed.  I’m sure taht John Wall will be ruled retro-actively ineligible.

BUT!  Only if  UK and Coach Cal make it to the Final Four and Championship game.  If UK bails out of the tournament in the Sweet 16 or below.  No one will say a thing.

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