Jerry Tipton thinks that all Black Student Athletes were born in the Ghetto Tipton has no integrity.  That’s the bottom line.  The lexington Herald Leader, apparently, has no integrity either.

Where is the PUBLIC APOLOGY to the Pattersons?  He printed his lie publicly.  He should print his apology publicly.  It should be made just as prominent as the lies that Tipton printed.

This is the story which Matt Jones printed on his blog outting the lie printed by Jerry Tipton after Big Blue Madness:

In case you missed it earlier today, Jerry Tipton wrote a game report in which he commented on the fact that Patrick Patterson had a new truck. In his report, he said Patrick drove the new truck to the game and then “the fun figured to continue when he climbed in his new black truck and drove away.” Interesting story right? The problem is that according to Patterson’s mother, it is not true. I spoke this afternoon to Tywanna Patterson who said that Patrick didnt drive to the game in the truck or drive home afterwards, instead riding with his parents to dinner after the game. She also said that Patrick’s new truck isnt even kept primarily on campus and was a gift from his parents that will be kept primarily in Huntington. Patterson’s mother was upset at Tipton’s comments on the truck and said,

I just dont appreciate him making false statements and comments. When he first interviewed me, he misquoted me about OJ Mayo when Patrick was in high school. I just wish he would stop doing that.”

The Patterson family has had issues with Tipton before and his father Buster Patterson, famously said to a line of Tipton’s questioning, “you just dont quit do you Jerry?” But as for the current issue, Tywanna Patterson simply says, “I just wish he would report on the game and not things that didnt happen.”

by Matt Jones @ 5:40 pm. Filed under Blue Blooded Opinions

I just spoke with Tywanna Patterson who said that an editor of the Herald Leader called her to apologize about the story. Apparently a comment or retraction of some sort will be in the paper tomorrow on the issue.

Below is the Jerry Tipton “retraction” as re-printed on KSR from the Tipton blog:

Clarification: Patterson’s new truck in Huntington

October 29th, 2009 | players |

I just had a pleasant conversation with Tywanna Patterson, the mother of Kentucky  big man Patrick Patterson. She asked that a clarification be made about the game story on UK’s Blue-White Game.

Patterson did not drive his vehicle, a Lincoln Mark LT, to the game.

His parents did buy him the Lincoln Mark LT. The truck was “a gift for all his hard work,” his mother said.

The car remains in Huntington. Patterson’s parents intended the car as a Christmas present, she said.

UPDATE: Jerry Tipton clarifies the statement in his blog. Not exactly a retraction or explanation for why the story was wrong, but at least an acknowledgement.

Jerry Tipton fabricates a story about Patrick Patterson departing Big Blue Madness in “his new truck.”  The story is highlighted by Matt Jones and Tywanna Patterson and proved to be a complete lie.  Jerry Tipton merely states that it did not happen.  No apology for the lie or the insinuation behind the lie.

Anyone with the ability to think independently can clearly see the implication behind the Tipton non-story.  He’s mentioning the “new truck” as a way of outting what he perceives to be an NCAA violation.  Apparently, Jerry Tipton thinks that the only way that a black student athlete or his family could afford a new truck is through extra-legal means or via NCAA violations of one sort or the other.  What Jerry didn’t stop to think about is the fact that both of the Patterson parents are working Professionals.  Jerry Tipton seems to me to be a closet racist.  He probably doesn’t perceive himself that way but clearly he thinks that a Black Student Athlete has no business with a brand new truck.

Jerry, this is 2009.  Not all Black Student Athletes come from the inner city of New York, Chicago or Atlanta.  Plenty of college educated, professionals African-American or Black Adults out there.  Many of them have children.  Some of them have children who are quite talented.  Plenty of them can afford to purchase vehicles for their children.

I think the Tipton act is getting old.  Extremely old.  With every event, Jerry Tipton will present a negative viewpoint concerning UK.  Student violations during madness.  Fabrications of Student Athletes driving off in illicitly gained vehicles.

There was absolutely no reason for Jerry to mention that Patrick Patterson had a new truck except to imply that it was a violation of NCAA regulations/rules.

Tipton is a muckraking, unprofessional cur with some kind of odd need to magnify any negative no matter how trivial concerning UKAA, UK Basketball or any UK Basketball Student Athlete.

I agree with the many folks out there saying that it’s time to put Jerry out of the business.  UK fans and any responsible citizens out there should join in a boycott of any sponsors for any publication that prints the trifling bile that Jerry Tipton puts forth in the media.  It’s time for Jerry Tipton’s reign of madness and negativity to end.

Truzenzuzex at A Sea of Blue talks about the Jerry Tipton lunatic agenda.

Larry Vaught talks to Momma Patterson and gives his take on his colleague.

8 comments on “Jerry Tipton thinks that all Black Student Athletes were born in the Ghetto

  1. I think someone should make up t-shirts or something that says ‘Herald Leader, do you want Tipton or your business?’
    and if they don’t get rid of that scumbag then just boycott the paper.

    Why should the people of Lexington and fans of the greatest basketball program of all time be tormented by an ugly, disgusting peice of garbage that makes himself feel powerful by tryint go stir controversy.

    He should report the story, not be the story.

    I agree with this article. When I read the original story, the comment on the truck seemed out of place and unnecessary. But now I understand and it makes perfect sense.

    What’s the count after the blue/white game? 4 negative uk stories in one evening by the same guy? WTF?!!! I was born and raised here. I don’t need this crap and neither do my fellow KY fans.

    THis guy makes Pat Forde look like a UK fan!!!

  2. Sorry about the typing mistakes. I suck at typing on a laptop. But, you get my point. This guy literally serves no purpose for this fine city or the great fans of this legendary program.

    His articles reveal no hint of objectivity. He is a trouble-monger who writes everything about UK with a negative spin, always leaving a dark stigma in the minds of readers. Life is too short to be tormented by such a person. The dude has to go. Period. End of story.

  3. The paranoia of you nut job UK fans knows no end. There’s nothing to get so worked up here. You make the rest of us fans look bad and are the reason UK is so hated nationally.

    • James,

      you say, the “paranoia of you nut job UK fans” on the one hand and then you say that we “are the reason that UK is so hated nationally.”

      I’d say that you are the paranoid nut job as I don’t think UK is “hated nationally.”

      On the other hand, I do believe that Jerry Tipton deserves a taste of his own medicine.

  4. UK basketball is the #1 Team in America and across the world. It is searched more on the internet than any other college team. I could go on and on, but I’m not. My views are posted on Vaught’s Views about ‘that’ journalist. I say we stand outside the LHL offices with posters and how about posters and T-shirts with something like these…How about…Lexington Hearald Leader, Do you know what your journalist is doing…or LHL, do you know where Jerry is…or LHL…sack Jerry, the lying…! I sure other people could come up with much more clever ones. I like what you had to say and it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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