Power and Money

Just the way of the world since the dawn of civilization.

What is civilization but a way to control the masses.

It fools us into thinking that we have a stake.

It gives us a reason to buy into the system.  Allowing the powers that be to enrich themselves further…and more easily by our labors and toil.

It gives us a nice facade that fools us into believing that we are in control and better off for having all of these rules and laws.  While at the same time giving the real powers behind the scene legitimacy.

Those same powers (whoever they may be) give a concession here and there that usually results, eventually, in profit for them in order to maintain the yoke of civilization which is nothing more than a set of rules to keep the masses under control.

The very class of folks who became rich through war and plunder are the very people who made the rules by which we live our soft, civilized lives.

I find it hilarious.

And as long as everyone plays by the merry rules, those on top stay on top and everyone else (with a few exceptions every now and then) stays on the bottom.

Civilization serves the corporations.

Who do all of the one worlders/trans=national progressives think will be making the rules if they get their way and obtain a global government.  Who will that global government serve?

It will serve Global or Trans-national Corporations.  These corporations will then be able to rape the world and it’s peoples even more efficiently.

Oh, the irony.

And, yes, there will be a military.  And it, too, will serve the interests of the (now) Trans-National Corporations.

Sure, they will give the impression of looking to “progress” and liberal governance and they’ll give the same lip service to civilization.

All in the name of the bottom line…

The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards

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