Lebron James: The King and his petty fiefdom…

dethroning the King

dethroning the King

Jordan Crawford the Indiana swingman threw down on King James yesterday.  He’ll be an instant legend in the sports world.  The problem, though, is that James thinks he’s too big to be shown up in such a manner.  Like his temper tantrum after being defeated in the NBA Playoffs.  Where James stormed off like a tempestuous child.  James didn’t care for being shown up by a mere college baller.

After the dunk, James immediately called over the Nike rep who was on hand at his Basketball camp and ordered that all video of the moment be confiscated.

I think the press should sue James.

Seems a bit unAmerican for James to demand that the press hand over the video.  God forbid that James be humiliated by a mere collegiate athlete.  Especially one who played on an Indiana team that went sub .500 last year.

James plays a good game and tries to put out an image that has good guy written all over it.  This latest move is straight out of Chairman Mao’s handbook.

Bad call James.  Everyone knows it happened.  Take your lumps like the rest of the world.  You’d look far better to the masses if you allowed us a peak into your human side.

Even worse call by the Nike reps who confiscated the video.

Had I been there, I’d have declined the offer to hand over the video.

There won’t be a lawsuit because that will further limit coverage of James.  If he can be this petty, I’m sure that he’ll be blackballing any Journalist or media folks who cross his Highness.

Extremely poor sportsmanship.  I’ve been slowly losing respect for James.  This simply takes me a step further from admiration of the guy.  He’s human.  As are we all.  There’s no shame in that revelation.

flat on his face after that move

flat on his face after that move

confiscate those videos NOW!!!

confiscate those videos NOW!!!

or are we...?

or are we...?

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