A few pics from a recent trip

awgreenWat Arun and Angkor Wat in dramatic repose…

plus the silhouette of my beautiful girl.

I shot the Angkor Wat photos at dawn and then took the one above and photoshopped it a bit to obtain the pink, green and blue effects.  Just thought it looked cool.

The Wat Arun photos were taken at dusk.  I spent a night at the wonderful Arun Residence.  Just across the Chao Phraya from Wat Arun and only a short walk from Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.

These are just a few shots of some of my favorite places in Asia.  Hope you enjoy.  If you like ’em, leave a note.

One comment on “A few pics from a recent trip

  1. Hello, my name is Knick from Bangkok, Thailand.
    Your Wat Arun photos are really outstanding and beautiful.
    So, I will get to my point now.
    Could you please let me use your photos of Wat Arun for a poster of the symposium which will be held in Bangkok in 2013..?
    I fully understand, if you say “no’ to my request.
    But if you need more information, you can contact me anytime at the e-mail below.
    Sorry for disturbing. And Thank you for great photos.

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