Billy Gillispie Gone? It’s official?

With the loss to Notre Dame in the NIT, Billy G is gone.  So say the talking heads. It’s all over the message boards. I think UK is making a mistake.

I think given the time and space to grow into the job, Billy G would have made a fine coach at UK.  Let’s face it.  UK has no Roy Williams waiting in the wings.  That may never come to pass now.  In years to come, UK will regret this day.  Billy Gillispie is going to go somewhere and take some team to the Final Four.  He’s going to win some Championships.   And he’s going to do it with a team of players that he recruited.

UK and it’s fans are going to look on ruefully and be left with thoughts of what might have been.  We may be looking on happily.  Having recently watched our Team win a  Championship with Calipari or some other coach.  If the UKAA makes the right hire post-Gillispie.  Or we make look on wistfully.  Wishing that we and the UKAA  hadn’t made the mistake of a precipitous decision to fire a coach who just needed a bit of time to turn it all around.

I’m a bit saddened by all of this.  Two years ago, I was excited.  It was the end of the Tubby era.  I thought we would enter a Golden Age with the gunslinging, Dr. Pepper drinking man from Texas.  I had a rug made in Herat, Afghanistan and mailed it back as a welcome gift to Billy Gillispie.  I wonder what will become of that rug.  Will Gillispie take it with him or leave it for the next coach.  It won’t be something that he will look on with fond memories if he takes it with him.  For all I know, it winds up in the garbage.  Hopefully, he’ll pass it on to the next coach if he doesn’t want to keep it himself.

Both sides have made mistakes.  Both sides need to step back and re-evaluate before they move on.  Billy G needs to sit down and realize that UK is not just any other job.  Mitch and Pres. Todd need to realize that they have a coach who can win and who needs the time to make the transition from the small pond to the Big Blue Ocean.  The fans need to make this same realization.  G needs to learn how to manage this program and be it’s caretaker and not only it’s coach.  Patience is called for here.

If not, I think we are making a mistake of epic proportions.  I’m no one to whom anyone will listen.  No one to whom anyone should necessarily listen.  These things may have already been discussed by one side or the other and dismissed for all I know.

Something just doesn’t feel right, though.  And the truth doesn’t seem to be out there.  Those outside the circle may never know the truth.  Certain people have an invested interest in keeping the truth away from the general public.  Such is always the case.  Some folks are saying that they are only telling “10% if the story.”  Perhaps, there is a lot more out there concerning Gillispie that we don’t know.  If it’s in the interest of the UKAA for it to come out, it will be made plain.  If not, we will never find out.  Perhaps, that’s simply damage control.

Lots of the things that people are complaining about seem to be small to me.  If Gillispie were winning already, he’d be forgiven most of this.  But since it’s taking longer to win, he’s been hit hard.  I don’t think Gillispie realized how big of a jump he made and how fast he was expected to produce.

It’s probably all moot now.

It seems as if the regretful decision has been made.  We’ll see.

I know this much.  If Mitch doesn’t hit a GRAND SLAM Coaching Hire this time around.  He’s next!  If not, Lee Todd should be.

The next phase of UK Basketball, begins Friday.   Will it be the beginning of a new Coaching Era or an extension of the ongoing era.  I’m hoping that G stays on and leads UK to many victories.  I’ve never liked the media anyway.

9 comments on “Billy Gillispie Gone? It’s official?

  1. Well said! I am one of the biggest Cat fans alive and I can say that you are spot on. I am disgusted at what we have become.

  2. I think Gillespie should get 1 more year, although… Never in UK history has the team been more painful to watch than this season. 2 of the best scorers, defenders, etc and one of the worst teams in one of the weakest SEC conferences in history. As for the comment about Lee Todd. Last time I checked his job was to provide a top notch University environment for Higher education. Not a training ground for NBA prospects. His job is not and should not be based on UK athletic performance or lack there of. To even suggest he should be fired for the lack of a basketball coaches performance is crazy! His job is to protect the image of UK and if Billy Gillispie has done anything to damage UK credibility as an institution of higher learning then he should get involved. If it is merely a coaching decision then Mitch should make the call. As for Mitch. He has improved several other UK sports while at UK. To base his job on Basketball only is also a bit harsh. Should he not get credit for football, baseball, womens basketball, gymnastics, golf, etc.?


  3. I do not think if BCG is let go after this season it has anything to do with wins and losses. Saying Todd should be gone is stupid. BCD is not going to step back and change-he has personality problems and those do not change overnight. It is best for Kentucky to cut its losses and Kentucky will get a good coach who at least had enough sense not to insult writers, reporters, booster club, former players etc. Wake up and smell the poor choice Kentucky made when they hired BCD. It is not always about wins and losses.

    • So the Coach of the University must have class and act a certain way, but fans such as you can be a simple asshole to anyone? I get. Double Standards are wonderful.

      The statement pertaining to Todd is an if/then statement.

      If you are going to hold someone to an unrealistic standard, at least have the decency to attempt to attain that standard yourself. You (aldeb) obviously believe that you can speak to others any way you please. Wake up and realize that you seem like a real asshole in your comment.

  4. Take the 6 mil, Coach, and God bless you. You are too honest to be at UK. Let them suffer, like under Tubby. Amn did not have the moral fortitude to do what was right and caved in to the money big shots, and the fickle press. God bless you coach, and I really think next year would have been great. I am totally “pissed off”. Ky has make a national spectacle of its program and a disgrace to common decency. Tubby had ten years, and Coach Donovan has not been to NCAA lately, and I bet he still has job. All this is sickening and embarrassing to decent fans.

    • Rash statement. Did ok at A and M. No word of any illegal recruiting on billy g. and appears we almost got into trouble with the Turkish player. Wonder why other coaches passed on him

  5. When you coach at one of the greatest basketball programs in the history of ncaa basketball, and make 2.3 million dollars a year then you should be held to a higher standard. You should not be able to talk to the people that basically pay your salary any way that you like, you should make the ncaa tourney when you have a 2nd team all American and a two 1st all sec players. Especially when the sec was as weak as it was, i watched (and grimaced) all year long as we turned the ball over repeatedly, as we repeatedly missed box out assignments, let opposing players glide to the rim as if their last name was Jordan, all a reflection of coaching. The bottom line is that NO coach is bigger than the program, if anything UK doesn’t need Billy a fraction as much as he needs UK. We will hire another coach, we will win more games, we will be back in the hunt. Good luck Billy G. bring on Billy D.

  6. Apparently, he had more problems than many of us knew. Many guessed at it and the rumors were swirling. I’m happy with what happened ultimately.

    Calipari is a godsend as long as he doesn’t put us on probation or wind up having games erased by the big NCAA eraser.

    I still can’t fathom how a Basketball Coach can get a gig like UK and screw it up. But UK had two in a row. TLT and BCG

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