Guantanamo — If not in Federal Prisons, where?

Obama Issues Reassurances On Guantanamo Prisoners
[Kansas City Star, March 12, 2009] 

Obama Issues Reassurances On Guantanamo Prisoners [Kansas City Star, March 12, 2009] Barack Obama said that he would never put communities like Leavenworth at risk in deciding where to relocate prisoners once Guantanamo is shut down. Fort Leavenworth is one of several military prisons being talked about as a replacement for the Guantanamo detention center.


If President Obama is not going to put the talibs and al Qaeda prisoners of war in Federal Prisons, where will he put them?  Are they going to become a part of the stimulus package?  Will he build a new maximum security prison in South Dakota somewhere?  If he is still going to hold them and process them at his leisure, what is the difference between his policy and the Bush policy.  The name and location of the facility in which they will be held?  

This is mere eyewash.  It’s a huge lie and cover up.  Obama is turning out to be nothing more than Clinton II.  I thought the Dems voted against a Clinton in their primaries.

Guess they’re like FPOTUS Bush in that they “can’t get fooled again.”  Only they did.  As did the other voters who ushered him into office on his campaign pledge of “Hope and Change.”  Camelot II is turning out to sound a whole lot like Hope II.  The man from Hope [Arkansas].  And Change.  From Clinton to Clinton Lite.

It’s almost funny.

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