Afghan Women “mark” International Women’s Day

Afghan Women Celebrate Int'l Women's Day

I swear to God.  I did not make this up.  That was the real title to this picture in an International Newspaper.

What a celebration?  Oh, the irony.  Utter lunacy…

They’re marking it alright.  Marking it right off the calender.  It means nothing to these women.  And even less to the men who force them to wear these disgusting bits of cloth.

My opinion.  These things should be outlawed INTERNATIONALLY.  The hijab.  The Burqa.  The Chadori.  The Veil.  They should all be outlawed.  


5 comments on “Afghan Women “mark” International Women’s Day

  1. I feel likewise, all those unfair cover-ups should be put to the torch, I saw a group of young women downtown Austin Thursday night wearing head scarfs,veils, and thought they seemed proud to wear them and I thought, ‘you fools’, they’re just perpetuating the subserviancy and ideology that let those men treat women as second class citizens, no that would be an improvement, they really are seen less valuable than livestock.

  2. Islam should be eradicated from this planet. It is not the religion of peace that the apologists claim, it is a political movement of hate, misogyny and conquest. When is the world going to wake up and declare a Crusade and destroy them. We need to do unto them before they do unto us!

  3. Hell yeah, let’s have another crusade! That will also sort out the recession! Let’s get the armaments factories rolling out the weapons and let’s conscript all the unemployed and send them on a god-damned righteous jihad, I mean crusade. Let’s besiege and burn cities, rape and kill women and children! Cos Jesus told me to!

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