What happened to Kentucky?


UK will be tons better when our coaches are no longer working for this years class THIS year or plucking them up from the JUCO ranks. If we give Gillispie time, he may drive us mad in the meantime, but he’ll get the recruiting in order. If we don’t, we’ll have to watch as another coach comes in and plays catch up for two or three more years. I don’t know if G is the right man for the job. I don’t know if he will turn it all around. I don’t know if Patterson and Meeks will stay or not. I know this. All of the guys who didn’t want to work in HS aren’t going to miraculously develop a work ethic just because they are at UK. These tall guys who were borderline talent in HS become almost borderline talent in HS. The real diamonds in the rough that I’ve seen over the years have been guards like Fitch. Most at any rate.  He was short but tough. He got overlooked. Tubby got lucky. Erik Daniels was a late developer. So Tubby got lucky there as well. Eirk Daniels was a guard in HS and shot 3 or 4 inches taler late from what I read. Hayes was a short PF who was over looked because of his stature.  These are the guys that Tubby was pulling.  You can’t build your program off of those guys.  Not if you want a Championship anytime soon.  Stevenson is a tall, skinny lazy kid who wants it all to come easy.  Your typical Tubby recruit.  At UK, it ain’t always gonna come easy and there’s tons of pressure. Same with most of the late spring recruits and the guys that no true title contenders truly recruited. Guys like Jared Carter, “Woo” Orbzut, Sheray Thomas and Bobby Perry.   Jared Carter should have been showed the light and sent to Georgetown after his Frosh year. UK isn’t the school of welfare basketball schollies. That bench needs to be cleared and Stevenson is one of the guys that needs to be cleared off of it. Instead, he and guys like Porter are starting at UK. And people wonder why they got beat by UGa. Hell, look down the bench. Patterson, Meeks, Miller Then you got a bunch of sometimey little Nancyboys who can’t make up their mind if they want to be winners or walk ons for the girls team. Stevenson….every time I see the guy, I just shake my head. Dude should be a 8 or 9 minute role player. Yes, it’s spelled role. Not roll. lol Stevenson should be a role player. NOT A STARTER. Until UK Coaches learn the difference between a role player and a starter, UK will be getting G Webbed and VMI’d and run over by Bulldogs at the moment of greatest need of a win. Next year comes Orton and Hood. That will be help. Eventually, if the coach keeps recruiting there will be a team at UK. A basketball team. A complete team. 2 Guards (LG or PG and a 2G) 2 Forwards (SF and PF) 1 F/C These gentlemen will know without question their roles on the team. To start and kick ass. Then there will be a second group comprised of players who are up and coming starters and role players. These guys will know their roles. Right now. Meeks and Patterson know what it is that they are supposed to do. The others…I don’t think they have a clue. Porter won’t shoot. Stevenson won’t rebound. A.J. Stewart won’t stay on the team. Galloway plays like a man possessed in one game then a man dispossessed the next. Harrelson plays like he thinks the post is a hostess ding dong and he’s hungry one game. The next he goes on a diet and throws up three balls and collects empty calories with airballs. UK needs a basketball team. From what I can tell, UK has a coach who is losing it. Two guys who are all World. One potential all worlder. ….and a bunch of fluff and Carruth wannabes. Go Cats. Go somewhere. Collect yourself. Grow a pair. Learn to at least fake the funk. This is Kentucky! It ain’t Vandy or Tennessee or Rutgers. It’s UK where Basketball is King. If you can’t comprehend that!?!?!?! Then don’t come back next year. That goes for everyone from the coach down to the sweat sweepers.

This isn’t a “Fire Gillispie!” rant.  It’s a getused to the idea that you are at Kentucky and getting paid a Top Ten Salary.  We expect Top Ten Results in exchange for that Top Ten Salary.   Coach G.  You’re not into history.  We are.

7 National Championships.  That’s history.  The history that we want you to be concerned with mostly though is the history that we expect you to make.  We expect you to be the 5th Coach at  UK to win a National Championship.  UK did not hire you to languish at the rear of the top 50 or to fall on your face.  We expect you to get out there.  Get the top recruits to come to UK again.  We expect results.  We don’t want excuses.  We don’t want bewildered looks and players being thrown under the bus.  We want our basketball to be as fast as those beautiful horses that run in the Derby and at Keeneland.  Defense is great.  Offense is better.  If you produce, you can write your own ticket.  If you don’t, we’ll run you out of town faster than those horses make that 2 minute mile.

Boys, it’s past time to get it together.  Get it.  Make it happen.  It’s time for one of those miracle runs.

And everybody said “Amen!”

Oh yeah.  Billy G, lots of our fans get upset when you talk to a lady like that.  Don’t do it.  Treat the sideline reporters and the rest of them like they are humans.   So I don’t have to hear the old people complain.  They get crotchety and hearing them whine gets on my nerves.  Throw us a bone Billy G.

P.S.  Billy G, invest in about 40 blue ties of various shades and designs.  You aren’t at UTEP or Texas A&M anymore.  It’s not orange.  It’s not yellow.  It’s blue.

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