Billy Gillispie “went after the Oklohoma State job” last spring

So says Seth Davis at the half time show of the UCONN/PITT Game.

Either Seth is mad on crack or Billy G has some explainin’ to do. But that would explain the inconsistencies of the past season. Why Gs head and heart seem to be in and out of the game this year. Maybe he doesn’t like the fishbowl. Can’t handle the pressure.

If so. If he did seek that employment opportunity, I hope he leaves after this season. Simply resigns and moves on. But I hope he mans up and does so in time for UK to hire someone with time left to recruit and keep those 5 Star recruits that are lined up for UK already.

Maybe he can simply switch places with Travis Ford. Perhaps, Kentucky needs a favored son to lead it back to the mountain top.

Who knows. Perhaps G isn’t in the right place. Whatever happens, I hope he either signs that contract and makes Kentucky home or he makes up his mind to depart.

Time to man up Coach G!

What do you think?

2 comments on “Billy Gillispie “went after the Oklohoma State job” last spring

  1. That is one of the most stupid rumors I have ever heard. Billy is, and wants to be the coach of Kentucky. Seth Davis has some kind of problem.

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