in the middle of Afghanistan–BIG BLUE


So I’m standing outside the Regional Police HQ in Herat.  Waiting to head back to base.  We’re smoking and joking with the Afghan Police who are heading out to lunch.  When up walks this guy:


And to my surprise…DUDE HAS A KENTUCKY WILDCATS hat on his head.  One of those old tobagons (presently called a beanie)  from the 70s or 80s.


Couldn’t help myself.  I started laughing and told the guy that he had to stop and take a photo with me.  I tried to get my terp to get the words in the pic.  If you look closely, you can make it out.  “Kentucky Wildcats”


We posed for the pic and I thanked him.  And laughed all the way home about the incident.

The hat must have been a donation from some Kentucky fan and found it’s way to the Humanitarian Aid program heading to Afghanistan.


10 comments on “in the middle of Afghanistan–BIG BLUE

  1. That’s enough of that, I am going to go out and buy a bunch of U of L hats and send them to Afghanistan. hahahahahaha

    But that is funny.

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