Is Life Sacred?

I don’t think that life is sacred. Individuals and even societies can make life sacred in accordance with their actions. Mostly, though, we give lip service to this concept that life is sacred. History has shown that it is naught but empty words. What occurred during the course of the 20th Century and what is occurring now in the nascent 21st that lends any credence to the belief that any of us truly believe that life is sacred.

Was the life of Hitler sacred. Mao? Stalin? Churchill? Hirohito? Osama bin Laden? George Bush? Ronald Reagan? Lincoln? Saladin? Gandhi? Muhammad Ali of Egypt? al Wahhab of the Nejd? Abdur Rahman of Kabul? Mother Theresa? Yassar Arafat? Ayatollah al Sistani? Khomeini? Charles Manson? Jack the Ripper? Charles Bundi? Saddam Hussein?

Were all of these lives sacred? Whose life is sacred and who decides this? Me? The President of the United States? The Secretary General of the UN? The Mufti of Jerusalem? Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin?

None of our political or economic creeds support this concept. Religions pay lip service to it. The UN Charter pays lip service to it but I dare say that Jewish life isn’t sacred to many who sit around the table of the UN.   Certainly not to a majority of the Muslims of the Middle East.  Islam does not find life sacred. It is more an honor to be shaheed than to be a law abiding lover of life and liberty.

Humans act for self preservation specifically and preservation of the species in general. We do so as individuals, though. Not as groups. As Civilization, we mostly murder each other in the name of humanity or religion or power or greed.

So it has been since the earliest records of our actions. So it will be until humans are no more.

I see no evidence that life is truly sacred to any but a handful of people who have no power to make the value universal.

Such is my belief.

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