America elects first Minority Head of State

America elected her first minority Head of State.

Are you listening?

Europe?  China?  Asia?  Africa?  Russia?  Australia?  South Africa?

Not too many other nations of the world have elected a minority to lead their Nation in a free and inclusive election.  Key words here being elected and inclusive.

I’ve sat and listened to people from Southeast Asia and Europe tell me how Barack Obama cannot win because America is too racist.  They’ve been proven wrong.  Again.   Without the White Vote, Barack Obama would not be President.

Does racism still exist in America?  Sure.

But it is just as pervasive in the rest of the world as it is in America.  My opinion.  It’s more pervasive in places like Europe and China and Africa and Asia.  Otherwise skin whitening solutions wouldn’t be flying off the shelves in Thailand and Cambodia and China.

The rest of the world and it’s judgmental hypocrites should stand up and take notice as America leads the way once more.

It is a great day in America.  A shining moment as America once again transcends.  America stands alone in this.

God Bless our President.  May providence grant and guide President-elect Obama the wisdom to steer America to the correct course.   Long may our flag wave and shine as a beacon for the oppressed masses of the world.

As an aside, Senator McCains concession speech was magnificent.  All the right things were said.  It’s a new day.

Let’s get this right America.

4 comments on “America elects first Minority Head of State

  1. Ummm….there have been plenty of minority heads of state. Nicolas Sarkozy of France is one. Alberto Fujimori of Peru was another. There were plenty of minority heads of state in Nigeria.

    Also, every single caucasian president of a Latin American nation.

  2. OK. I made the post before I looked it up. lol I was a little excited.

    Anyway, I think it depends on how you define minority as to who has and who has not.

  3. I agree. I’ve seen it from all sides. That is one of my biggest complaints about the racial debate in America. It’s completely myopic. We have a “black/white tunnel vision” of sorts. We think of race in terms of Black and White. What of the problems between Blacks and Asian or Blacks and Hispanics? They have nothing to do with White Americans.

    Yet, to some, this is all a white problem. My opinion that is simply a cop out for some individuals and a way for charlatans like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to extort monies from Corporate America and all of the Liberals who wear their “white guilt” on their sleeves.

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